Monday, September 30, 2013

Frequently Made Mistakes in Mobile App Development

Smartphone’s and tablets have not only changed the way people run their lives but also how businesses run their operations.  And that’s why developing a mobile streamline the business process or improves collaboration or improves productivity or all three.

Developing a mobile application and developing a website are two entirely different things. If you looking for mobile apps development expert for the Android OS, needless to say, that is not a simple task.  Many times expert programmers also make some pretty basic mistakes while working on a mobile app. This article will brief some of the common mistakes that you must be aware of while hiring a mobile application development company.

Working without a focus: Its common app developers are carried away with the many options available in the Android OS. It’s necessary to focus on the purpose at hand and make sure that the app must meet the designated business objectives. Remember, enterprise mobile apps are more about their usability than aesthetic appeal. Focus on the wants.

Fitting-in too many features:  Nowadays major Smartphone’s come with top-notch features including accelerometer, camera, GPS etc.  Being a Mobile app developer, it’s imperative to meet the immediate needs of your users before considering the frills for later versions or updates of the app. Bear in mind, the app has to meet the user's basic requirement else it will never take off.

Security is important: The security of your mobile application, irrespective of whether you are developing for android or iPhone, it is mandatory. As is obvious, an enterprise app provides users access to sensitive business information. Therefore, let your primary focus be on app usability and security while developing an app for enterprise. Never compromise on these two.

Never complicate UI: The backbone of good user experience is its User Interface. If you fail to give the feel that using your app is difficult, more often than not, soon they might give up on your app and never come back. So considering that most of your users won't be tech savvy geeks, keep it simple-keep it elegant.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

3 Demandable Elements for Effective IPhone App Development

Nowadays, smart phones have become a standard assistance for our day by day activity. Being one among the top notch, iPhone is one of the most demanded devices in mobile market. Several aspects have influenced on effective iPhone application development. So that most of the mobile companies are working very hard to develop exclusive and unique IPhone app. Therefore, to hire professional iPhone app developers is one of the keys to the success of your application development because professional developers have a better understanding of those basic aspects.

Knowledge in iOS: Being considered as the most successful Smartphone operating system, it requires years of knowledge in the field of mobile application development to develop a fully functional app. As a matter of fact, there are many freelancers who can assure you to develop professional-looking iPhone app but they hardly have thorough knowledge of the iOS app development process.  But with professional app builders, the final product does leave an impression in the minds of users. 

Conceptualization: conceptualization of an app is not just a concept but that requires thorough realization. In spite of it not up to the mark, hardcore programming skills will not be able to give it a professional touch. It’s the skill of professional mobile application developers to convert a concept into real time apps, especially adding all ingredients that make your app-curry delicious. Don’t let success just being a dream, but make it happen.

Management Ethics:  A complete mobile app development project involves in several stages and that requires a rigid process management. As the cliché goes on, “Nothing can be accomplished without norms and standards”. You need to check that whether teams and the people behind your project are following necessary quality control steps.

Openwave Computing LLC has always creates applications which are new and different, making a difference in every iPhone. We do understand mobile development better than any of our competitors which are the main reason we have a huge list of clients. Talk to us about your projects, we will be more than happy to analyze it with the punch of technical challenge.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Simple 4 Questions before Hiring an Android App Developer

Globally, Android is spreading across like a wildfire. The increase in activations more than 500,000 every single day, Android OS is growing ignorable. In that case, cost effective app development is made possible by hiring Android apps developers from offshore locations. However, it is not that easy to find the right developer for your project. So, hope these questions help you in achieving the needful.

App Development Duration: Your first question must be about the development cycle for an average Android app. ideally it takes 2-6 months. In case, if you want your app fast, hire Android apps developers from a company that has the ability to work fast based on your requirements. Pin down the company to a certain date of delivery and ensure that the company has a track record of meeting deadlines. 

Previous Experience towards Working Similar Application Development Projects: A well-reputed mobile app Development Company will usually have developers who possess sound industry knowledge. They will bode well for the future of your applications as well. 

Security measures: while hiring an Android developer from either onshore or offshore location, check for their companies’ security possible. Check for chances if your source code be stolen or reused. Are they trustworthy developers to keep your idea under wraps during the period of development? If you have no idea, its better choose company that has ISO certifications ensuring the security of your code and your app. 

Cost effective: One of the known facts is that offshore companies charge less when compared to their counterparts in US or UK. Still the cost may differ from company to company. So, follow these rules:

·         Make a shortlist of the number of companies that interest you and ask them for a free quote.
·         Then take a look at the services they have been included as a part of the app development project.
·         Don’t fall for the cheapest one. Instead, go for a mobile development company that offers security, expertise and support at affordable rates. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Is Web Apps the Wave of the Future Mobile World?

Web apps are being touted as the future of desktop and Smartphone applications, can they really succeed breaking all the hurdles seen ahead? Right now, mobile web applications are not a match for native apps in many areas. To make it even better, it’s mandatory to understand the areas where mobile web apps fall short.
Standards-based technologies such as responsive design HTML5 and CSS3 and other modern web tech are the keys to web apps. They can run pretty much on any platform without any special translations or re-programming with standard-compliant web browser. Post the mobile application launch, Smartphone users can access the same app and run it just as well as on any other platform.

However, the fact is web app is fundamentally a website that can be implemented across any platform. Plus, the introduction of HTML 5 has paved way for efficiency towards functionalities and animations of the app development.

Based on the technical and content requirements of an app, further aspects and differences need to be taken into account. To have a better picture, have a look at the below mentioned important benefits of both approaches:

Native apps

·         Native apps uses hardware and software-specific functionalities like integrated camera or address book directly activated.
·         Exclusive memory capacity that it can be even operated without connecting to permanent Internet connection via WLAN or 3G.
·         There is no freedom to design user interface of the native app. This means designers and developers must therefore adhere to the guidelines that guarantee a certain degree of usability.

Web apps 

·         A web app developed is platform-independent and serves multiple end-devices and operating systems.

·         Maintaining HTML5 Application is considerably easier as only one app need to be maintained. Plus, you don’t require assistant to update immediately and no more download issues.