Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How to Channelize a B2B Mobile App Success

The greatest misconception of app development is that once the software is built, the development ends.  While achieving all of the benefits of having a B2B app fully deployed to sales, marketing, and channel teams, being able to afford the development, distribution and maintenance costs can be a challenge.

Bear in mind some of these important factors for mobile app success:

Is your app truly interactive? The vast majority of B2B sales and marketing apps are tablet-based versions of slide presentations, and videos. The reason behind their effectiveness is not simply because they are used on a touch screen device but as they are very interactive with the end user on a sensory level, and create an emotional connection.

Is your app compatible with mobile alone? Consider making a mobile app available for tablets and Smartphone’s, as well as standalone app for desktop computers and as a browser app running on the web.

Is it supportive for Online and Offline? As a matter of fact these days’ sales and marketing teams often encounter customer-facing venues where access to the Internet is limited or simply not available. But ensure that your mobile application is fully functional whether or not the device is connected to the web.

Can you process immediate updates? Whenever a content update to the app is made, make sure the change is distributed incrementally to every user’s local app from one central cloud location so that ALL users have immediate access to the very latest version of interactive content the next time they are connected to internet.

Do you do engagement analytics? Don’t just stop tracking how many people have downloaded your app. Instead, track how your app is being used, how interactive users are with each section of the app, where the users are and what devices they are using to access the app.

B2B apps development for sales and marketing has already proven to yield significant opportunity to improvising sales effectiveness and marketing efficiency and dramatically improve the likelihood of sustained success.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Why Re-skinning Your Mobile Apps - The Need of Time

There are a lot of factors to consider when creating a mobile app significantly amount of time and money. The mobile application development has continuously evolved into a very aggressive adding extra pressure one as in like

·         Competitors come up with new apps here and there, and
·         Consumers change their needs and demands from time to time.

In reality, apps appear to be similar or some can be a rip-off of other apps. It is not possible to create apps overnight but however, you can re-skin apps to create more apps in just a short period of time.

Mobile App Re-Skinning

Re-skinning, in digital era, refers to the custom graphical appearance that can be achieved by a Graphical User Interface. You do not have to change the source code or the app’s template but updating the app in such way that more customers will be attracted to purchase the product.

Benefits of App Re-Skinning

Save Time: Instead of developers wasting painfully long amount of time writing the source code for apps, repeat some processes or to review some steps.

Save Money: Hiring a pool of programmers to create the source code for an app can cost you a lot. Instead, enhance your app with a small group of skilled people who can already modify it.

Give More Room for Creativity: Besides inexpensive initiative, it’s a way to produce better results and improve an app and make it a far better version of the original. 

Better Return on Investment:  It is one of the better strategies in terms of getting a strong and positive return on investment, and app developers do agree that. A lot of them purchase the code of the product of an app from their competition and they just work on re-skinning them. Thus, we can make a better and improved version of the app of your competitor.

Reuse the Code to Create Other App:

Surely faster than the whole mobile app development process, it is easier to release and you can easily distribute the re-skinned app to various app platforms and stores, be it Android or iPhone App or even Windows.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How to Promote Your Mobile App Using Social Media

Mobile app today is what laptop computer once. As more users harness the power of mobile and appoint mobile apps for everyday entertainment, most of the time it is assumed they go viral automatically. But sadly, no! Creating a mobile app is only half the battle whereas making people care enough to download and use it completes the war.

This post, we shall discuss why and how to use social media after mobile application development to get people notice your creation. So here we go...

Why Do Mobile Applications Require Promotion?

·         Many apps exist that it’s difficult to get noticed in the crowd
·         Users often opt for the free ones first than paid apps
·         Takes longer time for people to notice the app

Fortunately, the age of Web 2.0 has mobile developers creating many tools including social media networks ranging from Facebook to Twitter to YouTube.

How can you use social media in Mobile App Promotion?

Killer blog post on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus

Sharing quality content is a single shared principle on all social media networks. Inspite of creating a piece of high quality content related to your app in mind that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to write an advertisement and then start pushing it in people’s faces. Rather, it should be creative.

Review Your App and Share It

They’re going to need to hear that your app is awesome only if you submit your app to various sites for review. This includes: AppCraver, My Daily App, iPhone.AppStorm and Big App Show. The more people you can convince to share, be it a Re-tweet, or a blog post or on StumbleUpon, Reddit, or Digg, the more momentum your app will gain.

Fan Page for your app

No doubt Facebook is the social media king which is why you need to make sure your app has a home base on it. Create a fan page and get to work on getting as many Likes as possible. You might also try getting more fans through giveaways and other types of contests thus engaging your followers.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

HTML5 Trumping IOS in Emerging Mobile Markets

While Android and iOS are the platforms that guarantees most of the mobile application services a few hundred extra bucks, often times they seem to favour HTML5 over iOS. Even mobile app developers in many regions outside the US choose to develop apps in HTML5 rather than iOS forgetting the fact that the latter one actually yields the biggest bucks.  Hoping this post to be an eye-opener to many, here are a few astonishing facts and stats.

2013 Survey Report on Mobile App Development

According to a survey of more than 6,000 developers by an analyst house, it is found that HTML5 is the most popular platform after Android to develop for.
Consider globally, Android app development is the number one choice for developers with Apple's iOS the next most popular platform.  But the difference is especially pronounced in Asia, where 46 percent of mobile developers prioritise Android when compared to 28 percent for iOS. Amidst that 37 percent of them develop HTML5 apps and an additional 15 percent are making hybrid HTML5 apps.
So... on an average, developers make apps for 2.5 platforms simultaneously- and all this survey is rated in the third quarter of 2013.

Profit- What’s the Catch for US

The survey says, around 60 percent of mobile developers fall below the "app poverty line" where most of them earn less than $500 per app per month. However, it is not the same for iOS apps when compared to that which is written for other platforms.

IOS has a larger 'middle class' than Android which means developers generate app $500 to $10K per app per month that is again 37 percent prioritise iOS vs. 25 percent Android.  While more app makers are now earning money from in-app purchases with a median revenue of $425, offshore iPhone App Development Companies on contract basis are showing much effective results, both customer satisfaction and revenue.

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Are iPhone Apps Compatible with Android?

Tempted by the big screens on offer from Android handsets, Great! Even iPhone app developers admit it. While many still consider that Apple apps are not literally compatible with Android, the good news is that you can get different versions of the same app.

This post may not answer all your queries regarding iPhone app development but definitely a few important ones.

The fact is Apple Apps Are Not Compatible with Android

IPhone and iPod touch apps are written in a programming language called Objective-C, whereas Android apps are written in Java.  While Objective-C is a proprietary programming language used only for Apple, Java is an open programming language that can be used by anyone, for any purpose. Means it is not possible to run an iPhone app on an Android or vice-versa.

How Apps like Facebook, Twitter and the Weather Channel are available on both?

Sometimes, mobile app developers write the code for multiple versions of the same app. So, if you want to create a mobile app for both platforms, it is enough to hire a mobile app development company, but the developer has to create two entirely separate sets of code in two entirely different programming languages.

Can you get Android Versions of Apple Apps?

Yes, you can. If you are looking for an Android version of an Apple iPhone,
·         Visit the website where you downloaded the Apple app to see whether an Android version is available 
·         Directly contact the iPhone App developer and ask whether an Android version exists
·         Hire an Android app development company who understand your needs

What’s the future of Android Market?

Similar to iOS Apps Development, Android Market offers free and paid apps for download either from the Web or direct to your phone. As per the report, the number of Android apps available in the Android Market has doubled.

As long as Android keeps closing the Apple-Android app gap, you can develop your own mobile apps, but with the help a professional mobile app developers who understand both platforms.