Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ideas with IPhone Development for Your Valentine

New York – Rose Day or Valentine’s Day is not too far. If you are looking out for plans for a perfect day with your spouse, pick up your iPhone or iPad. Apple iPhone Development has come up with some apps which can make your Valentine feel special by preparing prior the big day.

BeCouply – iPhone

IPhone Application Design for this app is exclusive for couple who are adventurous and sneak fun in small things. The essential business is gradual from Foursquare; organize them into fun categories for couple. It is social networking website for couples. You can capture moments from your date and create a digital scrapbook for saving memories for future.  You won’t plan your night down to the minute but it is fun to discover new ideas for couples can do and add in the list of memories. Creatively patched and designed apps by iPhone Application Developers provides you to give your partner those magical moments with these ideas.

Uber – iPhone

Style date with your partner is the theme. Uber, the app let you book a private driver right from your phone and also check out where currently cars are located, how long will it take to show up at your door. A sleek black car will show up ready to chauffeur you around town. But don’t build your castles in air, the service isn’t cheap.  A ride from the Phoenix airport to Tempe quoted at about $25. iPhone Development with Uber can provide you with add-on points from your date for a romantic, undisturbed drive is worth the decision.

1-800-Flowers – iPhone/ Proflowers - iPhone

Bouquet is a universal gift which is a real symbol of love. Go classic with a bouquet of flowers and order them in seconds through your Smartphone. Many florists are converted into apps and make the ordering process much simple. The 1-800-Flowers app even has order tracking built into the app so you can make sure those beautiful roses show up in time for the special day.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Business with Mobile App Development

The world of Smartphone has gradually provided small businesses with new advertising opportunities to interact with their customer and take development to another technological stage. Mobile App development allows the user to invest in small business even without breaking the bank. With pricing are concern, one-time development and monthly cost will keep your app lively on the web so your customer can access it anytime. These mobile apps have features which eventually increase the sale of small business and create a social network for the business to interact with customers. With Mobile Application Development, create a responsive customer community, with targeted communication adding mobile app features. Here, you can send messages to your audience if they have mobile app on their phone installed. Mobile app is like shopping in the corner grocery shop, socializing with neighbors and community members and provides you with social benefits for your business through Mobile Apps Development. Any information sent through mobile messages will tempt them to check out. Mobile messages “push notifications” receive higher read rate than email messages because of instant curiosity factor and most people continuously have their mobile device with them or at least nearby.