Friday, May 8, 2015

5 Things to Remember When You Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Browsing the web via mobiles is no longer the future. It is already the norm among millions of mobile users in the west and is seeing massive growth in Asia as well. With India standing second in the world in terms of the number of active mobile users in the world, the trend is only expected to swing further upward. With Google’s latest update, mobile friendliness has become a must for all websites. So, how do website owners make their websites mobile friendly?

In this article we give you five ways by which you can make your business website mobile-friendly:

1. Make sure your developer is clear on the objective

You need your website to be mobile-friendly and your developer or the development team needs to be very clear on this. This means that the website should incorporate smaller layouts and designs according to it. For this, the web developer needs to have the experience that it takes to actually see through the development process. Look for sample website that the developer has built, go through them in detail, and proceed further only if you and your team are fully convinced as to the competence of the developer concerned. 

2. Keep it simple

It’s not the time of animations and flash anymore. They are past. With customers keen to look at an app for only as much as a few seconds, you need to eschew long text and the like. Use images wherever possible, and if you need to explain something to the customer, do it through videos. Focus on the smaller but important stuff like highlighting your company logo and contact information so that the user may contact you when needed.

3. Use short forms with drop-down menus

Short forms and drop-down menus are the order of the day. They not only make the job easier for the user, they are also more attractive. Try using a long form and see how difficult it is if you have doubts. Cut the text and have radio buttons instead.

4. Focus on finger-friendly navigation

Mobile usage happens on the go. When you design your app remember that users are going to use the app when they are going out for a stroll, waiting for their train or having their lunch. So your app needs to be easy on the fingers and thumbs of the users. Make sure you have large buttons for form submission. Eschew longer menus as well.

5. Give each page a quick call to action

This is important from the usability point of view. You need to give your customers the option of taking quick actions like signing up for a subscription or downloading an eBook. Don't include call to action that are complicated.


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