Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Benefits an Android Mobile App Bring Along In Business

Day after day, the need and demand of people for newer mobile applications have taken a toll on their pocket. This is why investing in Apps Development has become a necessity for many business leads to stay ahead in today’s mobile-dominated world.

In one aspect, if you look into the intention of people using mobile applications, it is always about them looking for some information or other. Therefore, those who are intended to expand their consumer base, seek mobile app development as a perfect choice. But which platform to choose remains a puzzle in each of their mind.

Android Mobile Application Development

There are a lot of adjunct factors to consider android app development for businesses and the most significant one is its easy-to-handle nature. With the help of the popular app store “Google Play”, application development for android is made simpler that can be installed free of cost. Plus, Android operating system is anticipated to carry on ruling the mobile landscape for years to come. For instance, if a businessman keeps moving around from one place to another then it is enough for him to download the application that gives information on the weather conditions of all the places in the world. 

A report says that app developers are intended to bring a lot of utility apps in 2014 to ease the job of many. No wonder, it is considered the preferable choice amidst the App Developers in New York. We’ve already seen growth of astounding number of android apps that can be used for your business. But investing in the most anticipated one ensures higher ROI. 

Need for Investing in Android Apps Development

There are a plethora of benefits by investing to create mobile apps for your business such as:
·         Build brand-loyalty
·         Able to establish online presence over cross-platform (e.g. android, iPhone, Windows, etc.)
·         Creating rapport with customers looking for your app thereby increasing sell-through.

As you put out to hire possessions from a mobile app development company, there are many who can offer a high-quality pact. Here in Openwave Computing LLC, NYC we permit you to monitor and choose programmers mainly suitable to your plan and platform. One of the added advantage is that you can get a mobile apps built at an affordable price. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

What’s icing Up the Android Apps for 2014?

There must be no one around who is unsure of what Android Application has offered the smart-techy world in the previous years. Such an outstanding platform it is that aims at creating apps and games for the increasing number of android users.

Out of many reasons that make android the most popular and fastest-growing mobile OS, here are a few
Unlike other mobile OS is a true open source platform that makes it a hot favourite among the Android developers and the consumers.

·         A powerful development framework that offers you everything you’ll need to build world-class mobile app.
·         Lets you control your UI for the various device types.
·         The Much-Awaited Android Apps That Will Be Releasing Next Year

Mobile Chrome Apps:

The Internet giant Google has revealed their work on progress plans to make Chrome app that will be available for download on Google Play Store. Once the mobile application for Chrome is developed, any professional programmer can take the advantage of writing a code and port it quickly to become an app for the android devices. Can you imagine the aftermaths of this in the android market? Well, a huge sum!!!


Many would know QuizUp as one the biggest Trivia Game till date for every avid game lover. This game was released for Apple by iOS Developers which soon moved the hearts of around 4 million players worldwide, making it a hit among gamers, though it is still not available for the android platform. But Android App Developers in NYC is gearing up for QuizUp android release, as soon as January 2014.

To sum up, the demand and popularity of Android Development has reached an all-time high. Despite the many OS out there, android is the most preferred one. So what are still waiting for? Gear up your business steps with the help of a Mobile Application Development company.

At Openwave, we build highly engaging & powerful mobile applications for a wide range of smart phones. While our experts in Mobile applications development follow the best programming & industry practices, we also ensure to deliver the best-quality mobile apps within the shortest possible time based on your specifications.