Monday, December 24, 2012

Best Apps for the Year 2012!

When we take a look at what happened in the months of 2012 and what will take place in 2013, technology is having a great rapport with people and their demands. Software was flooding into the list and released more than any individual can analyze or even evaluate. Mobile Application Development is growing rapidly like the roller skates rushing on the board. So here, we have picked few applications including mobile apps to operating systems and it’s your call to argue which one seems to be more important to you this year. There have been many important application which demands for attention but this group deserves bits of worthiness.

1. Mozilla Popcorn Maker

When we speak about Mozilla, we know that it is the best known and popular web browser. But it enhances it beauty by releasing Popcorn Maker. This application is a tool for altering, enhancing and adding more interactivity to web videos. Videos speak the language for humans and it is an open source which makes work easy. Video distribution seems to be lowered but altering the existing video seems to be a demanding task. The Scope of Work for IPad App is improving simultaneously with every developed application and so this application seems to enrich the visual vocabulary of the users as they are not yet in the category of professionals.

2. Google Now

After the intro of Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean), Google Now is representing the live example of the scientists working on projects for decades. This application provides relevant information to the user based on his/her activities and location. You can predict things which seem to sound silly to your ears. Android App Developer in NYC is the efficient in developing applications which can change your world. 

3. Apple iTunes 11

This seems to be an aesthetic improvement over previous versions; Apple's app for managing and selling content on Apple devices remains a source of contention. Some users are happy with iPhone App Development and some are fine with and some totally hate it. But there is no doubt that it’s a holdover from the desktop era. With this, you can manage your content across Mac OS and iOS device but the gatekeeper restricts the number of times the user burning the music playlist on CD and controls Apps installation.

Various applications on any platform is developed and will continue the same with every Mobile App Development Companies but if you are looking for a premier one, then you can check on Openwave. We are into development since Smartphone came into existence and we assure you that development will happen as per your requirements as our Mobile App Developer are most skilled and well trained in the subject.


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