Thursday, November 28, 2013

Budget Plan for Your Mobile App Development

The year is about to end and are you planning to outsource your mobile apps development project? This is the right time to give some serious thoughts about project planning. There are two major technology initiatives behind outsourcing for mobile apps.

·         For internal staff use
·         For customers

So, how do you begin to budget? Here are a few guidelines to help you plan accordingly.

Factors That Impact Your Budget Planning

·         Goals: The more you understand your project, the less you have to worry in choosing a Mobile Apps Development Company.
·         Business Goals: Ask few questions to yourself. Why are you doing this project? How will the successful conclusion of the project impact your business? Will traffic increase? Will sales increase? 
·         Functional Goals: In case you need more than one app for different platform, specifically and tactically identify the goals for each app? Who will be your audience? In other words, should you approach android app developers or iOS developer team?
·         Basic App Requirements: An apps development budget depends on a lot of things that include:
·         User Experience: Will mobile app developers repurpose the existing functions and workflows? Or will your mobile apps development firm need to add time to the schedule to help you define a new workflow (UX)?
·         Internal vs. External: In general, internal apps require less design time compared to customer based ones. 

Mobile app Features: Before you get to meet professional App Developers in New York be prepared by knowing three important factors: functionality of your application, service and connectivity and platform and devices (bear in mind, more platform- high budget!)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Features of Android App Development

With each day passing, the demand for mobile application development is drastically increasing. This is why professional Android developers focus on the apps speed, convenience, integration and security that the app has to ultimately offer to the end user.

Here Are A Few Features of Android App Development

Utility Apps: One of the main reasons why Android applications are getting popular is the utility of them. Whilst some are developed for mass users while others make apps on demand and these are the customized applications that serve the purpose of entertainment.

Healthcare Apps: The health care android apps are in much demand as people are getting cautious of their health. Android Applications features to monitor the heartbeat of the patient and even their blood pressure real time. So that contacting patient's doctor is ease whenever the numbers cross the alarming number the doctor will be send a message about patient's health.

Cross-Platform Compatibility
Android penetrates through the stereotypical standards of proprietary operating systems on mobile phones by using distinct application programming interface libraries. With OEM and cross-carrier compatibility, app developers make use of a consistent set of elements during the app development process.

Online Marketing Tool: The ultimate aim of making apps to reach out the masses and earn a good sum. Dedicated markets available for different platforms like Google Play for Android Apps, iTunes store for Apple and similarly windows store for windows apps. Thus, every mobile application is a very useful tool for marketing.

Thanks to the many professional Android app development companies, New York and developers who try hard to deliver an optimal user experience in the face of limited processing resources like RAM speed, restricted resolution capacity, unstable data transmission connections and limited battery life.

At Openwave, we build highly engaging & powerful mobile applications for every platforms, be it Android or iPhone.  Since our major focus, over the past 10+ years, is towards contributing creative mobile apps our experts build the right apps understanding the requirements and applying the latest technology to give shape to your business.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

5 Offbeat Ways to Promote your Mobile Apps

When you demand is to create an own mobile apps for the corporate, the first step would have been approaching a Mobile Apps Development Company who understands your needs. Many do this. Whilst a New York report admit by stating, there are almost a million apps on the iTunes app store and Google Play is overflowing with over 750,000 apps.

So, the fact is that if a user is browsing for apps and doesn’t find you on the top listed ones, there is no way you can get a good number of downloads from the app store. Here are five offbeat ways of promoting your mobile application.

Entangle within similar apps: Have you developed a game app? Despite spending lot of money on marketing your app in the print media or games blogs, find those who enjoy playing the kind of mobile games that you have created. It is also possible to do an exchange where mobile developers will place his ad in your app and vice versa.

Users To Rate Your App: A higher rating in the app store means more downloads. Therefore, let your users spread the word about it. One creative way to identify a loyal segment of users that would be most likely to rate your app positively is to use in-app messaging to run an NPS survey.

Video Blogs: Not all people read blogs and articles but watching videos is the other way.  Creating videos that shows the conceptualization, development and designing of your app not only a marketing tactic but also creates a buzz among mobile app developers those looking for tips.

Forums and Discussions: Most of the times, forums help application developers to answer the simple questions. Meanwhile, you can pro-actively hunt for questions to which your app could be the right answer.

App of the Day:
Last but not least, have your app featured on an “App of the Day” service, such as App-o-Day? Keep in mind these services showcase what they deem the latest and greatest apps directly to the user’s Smartphone for free.