Thursday, February 26, 2015

Top 6 Mobile Learning Trends!

From hand- written papers to printed books to e-learning, we’ve come a long way. If the age of mobile has done something great for this world, foremost among them would be the disappearance of paper. Mobile has taken paperless-learning a step further, with children and aged alike taking to their Smartphone’s to enhance their repertoire of books. Schools around the world are using mobile devices to come up with new methods of imparting education and we look at some of the learning trends in vogue at the moment.

1. Bring your own device (BYOD)

BYOD is a mobile learning trend that allows employees to use their own personal devices such as Smartphone’s, tablets and laptops in the workplace instead of devices issued by the company. BYOD is ideal for organizations which can’t afford to provide mobile devices to their learners.

2. Gamification

Gamification is an interesting learning strategy, which combines game-based mechanics and techniques to develop learning content that brings out fun-filled, engaging experiences. Game-based learning tends to draw learners into virtual environments thereby improving knowledge retention.

3. Tin Can API

Tin Can API is the latest standard for mobile learning technology. Tin Can API effectively captures activities of mobile learning, like simulations, experiential learning, social learning, serious games and offline learning.

4. Snack Learning

Snack learning is otherwise known as bite-sized learning since it takes place in learners’ spare time such as tea-breaks or lunch breaks. The goal of this learning methodology is to go through the quick tutorials or learn the fundamentals of a new subject in spare time.

5. Location-Based Learning

Location-based learning further enhances mobile learning by allowing learners to access learning material anywhere. Here, the learners are highly engaged with course content that is relevant to their location. This kind of learning is supported by mobile sensors like GPS and WLAN.

6. Videos

Videos are great tools to facilitate learning. Videos help in retaining the learners’ attention throughout the course. Learners here are motivated by watching videos through their Smartphone’s.

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