Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Roles & Responsibilities of Mobile App Developers

Written in the Java programming language, Android application development has gone viral throughout the digital market. From games to productivity, there is a need for an out sized vary of android apps and additionally the smart developers who offer them. So, let’s see how they contribute towards your business growth...
Despite the few steps taken by Android app Developers to create feature-rich applications, they study the necessity before that not only helps determinant the issues before also offer the proper development estimates of the applying.

Mobile App Developers will have to work together with seniors to make sure that the app is developed to meet the business requirements. At the same time, the process has various stages like conceptualisation, development, testing and releasing the products singlehandedly. Since most of app developers are focused on developing customized mobile applications, obviously they must have to think out of box. 

Even though iPhone is the leader in creating unique applications, android OS has changed the diversion of smart phones. Android App developers feel warm-heartedness to make dynamic and innovative and effective applications. Most of the app developers might seem the best in the field but bear in mind it varies with areas of specializations within the app development domains. Depending on your mobile platform the choice of app developer will differ.

If you are looking forward to outsource an iPhone apps development company, make sure the app developer are thorough with iOS software package development kit (SDK) such as core location, cocoa touch, core data, UIKit and so on. In the case of iOS app development, familiarity in Xcode is also vital. Nowadays, iPhone app developers in New York, USA are in great demand because of the high demand of custom iPhone applications.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Best Practices in Mobile App Development

With the advent of mobile devices, organizations are increasingly tasked with developing apps for those mobile devices. This article is a contribution of various best practises influencing success in mobile application development

The Best Practices for Building Mobile Apps

 IPhone app development and Android app development have become significant in the context of iOS and 
Android having more than 85% of the mobile market share today.

·         Before you proceed to hire mobile/ iPhone developer, you must have answers that why you need the services of a software developer.
·         As such, there are diverse categories encompassed in iPhone app development that includes apps for everyday computing requirements like entertainment, lifestyle, health or business.
·         The Apple, the maker of iPhone keeps coming with latest devices every season. This means, professional mobile software developers are able to use these features and make new apps.
·         Also, when you hire a professional iPhone development company, you can expect the project to get completed within a timeframe.

Common Mistakes in Mobile App Development

·         Many times people come up with a great idea for an app and start to brainstorm how to build it. But soon to realise that there is something similar to it. Before you take any time to build an app, consider your audience.
·         There is one more important aspect in the designing process, its storyboard. This is where you lay out the complete functionality of your app on paper. So, next time you hire App Developers in New York, let them plan out all aspects of the design that includes future components such as plug-ins as well.
·         With any design, testing your layouts and getting feedback plays a major role as well.

Openwave is a leading mobile application development company, NYC providing sophisticated solution across any platforms. Our team of developers have hands-on experience in designing, developing and distributing apps that have become popular among users. Our understanding of the target market and its dynamics gives you the needed business edge in the mobile app market.

Mobile Website or App- The Perfect Antidote for Your E-Store

Can anyone deny the fact that the emergence of Smartphone’s has had a huge impact on how ecommerce works? No, of course! Many have already optimized their website for mobile users but only the top players in the market are ready for m-commerce. In other words, if your goal is to attract more customers and increase conversion and streamline the purchasing process, then now is the right time to hire a mobile apps developer from the best company in online. 

Can Mobile Replace Brick-And-Mortar Store? With the changing trends, browsing through mobile application is steadily and rapidly eating up into traditional browsing, especially Smartphone’s. A New York report says, more than 70% of them analyze products using their mobiles before heading to the brick-and-mortar store to buy products. As simple as it seems, are you able to imagine how much revenue you might be losing simply because your store doesn’t work on mobiles? 

Are You Still Late for the Ball? The website analytics says, 20-40% of the visitors are using mobile to check out products, while their conversions come from desktop customers. It means Mobile application development has caught hold of millions of potential customers and needless to say, more and more people will turn towards mobile shopping in the coming days. It’s quite natural that users look for seamless mobile experience when they visit your website. Creating a mobile-friendly website will not alienate the mobile users and would cater their needs.

Remember, a mobile-friendly ecommerce experience can help you earn customer loyalty. Are you still looking for an excuse?

Known for the best mobile app development services and solutions, Openwave, NYC helps businesses and organizations of any size creating an attractive and feature rich mobile apps for them. We just keep putting one foot after the other with the world where Smartphone’s and tablets have become the engagement medium of choice for consumers.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Significance to Choose iPhone App Experts

It was only very recently that Google launched new cloud-based development tools for iOS developers, enabling them to connect to cloud services easily and at a better rate. So, that’s how our technology development climbs the ladder of discovering new ways to ease life.

How  to choose the best leaving the Rest behind?

Are you someone who looking forward to outsource your ideas/ to hire the best one from many iPhone App Development Companies prevailed all over? If yes, then be not walking on ropes by randomly picking up iPhone developers as there are lot of them who claim to be professional in their work but fail to meet your needs.

May be you are looking for game apps, or entertainment apps or utility apps or any other applications- bear in mind everything is possible with iOS. You must have to discuss your requirements with app developers who strive to offer your application on time and on budget. Perhaps, it must be hard to accept that developers are capable of understanding your imagination and develop applications accordingly. But the truth is that using iPhone applications, you can actually simplify work flow and make it smoother, easier and to perform different tasks that are impossible with just smart-phone. 

It is also better for you to choose a proficient iPhone apps development company that funding for individual developers or freelancers. As the cliché goes on, “two better than one” so does “a team better than solo”. Simple!

Openwave is a leading iPhone application development company based in heart core city of New York, USA striving to deliver the best mobile solutions to our clients across the globe. We have a team of passionate iPhone Apps Developers committed to helping our clients to offer the best out of mobile technologies. With us, you can save your lots of money, time and acquire top-notch quality work as per your expectations. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Little Much Mistakes While Developing Apps

With advancement in mobile app development, there comes a varied strategy leveraging app monetization. Despite app developers are constantly endeavouring to optimize the profits from their apps, many fail to observe the cause of apps failure. Moreover, for those who are outsourcing Mobile Apps Development Company must be aware of certain things before handing over the project. Hope the following questions might trigger your team to think beforehand.

Do you consider your potential audience? When the team build a branded app for a large company, it is necessary to know what kinda people will be happily switching over to the mobile version. Therefore, before beginning the app development project, developers must pin down the group of audience they are addressing to.

Have you chosen the right platform? Select the platform that conducts business in the most transparent way whilst providing you sufficient tools, formats and controls to help you make the maximum profit from ad placement. 

Do you indulge in any kinda unethical practice? While mobile apps influence in boosting brand identity and drive sales, many marketers want to create apps that spam the user with loads of advertisements and push notifications. Perhaps, some app stores might ban them in first place or else users are sure to alienate mobile application.

Do you replicate the web? Logically, the potential customers who have been visiting your website are sure to try your apps as well. So, ensure that the app looks and feels like the website. But oops, it doesn’t work that way. The fact is mobile environment is entirely different from that of web environment. Despite the same tasks that are being performed on the website, you will have to build the app design and functionality from square 1. Bear in mind the mobile features like localisation, bar-codes, reminders, etc. that can foster a better user experience.

At Openwave, our developers and project managers do consider these replicable questions. Located in the heart core city of New York, Mobile application development is one of our major focuses over the past 10+ years and has contributed many creative applications. Our panel of experts build the right apps that suit your need by understanding the requirements and applying the latest technology to give shape to your application.