Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mobile Website or App- The Perfect Antidote for Your E-Store

Can anyone deny the fact that the emergence of Smartphone’s has had a huge impact on how ecommerce works? No, of course! Many have already optimized their website for mobile users but only the top players in the market are ready for m-commerce. In other words, if your goal is to attract more customers and increase conversion and streamline the purchasing process, then now is the right time to hire a mobile apps developer from the best company in online. 

Can Mobile Replace Brick-And-Mortar Store? With the changing trends, browsing through mobile application is steadily and rapidly eating up into traditional browsing, especially Smartphone’s. A New York report says, more than 70% of them analyze products using their mobiles before heading to the brick-and-mortar store to buy products. As simple as it seems, are you able to imagine how much revenue you might be losing simply because your store doesn’t work on mobiles? 

Are You Still Late for the Ball? The website analytics says, 20-40% of the visitors are using mobile to check out products, while their conversions come from desktop customers. It means Mobile application development has caught hold of millions of potential customers and needless to say, more and more people will turn towards mobile shopping in the coming days. It’s quite natural that users look for seamless mobile experience when they visit your website. Creating a mobile-friendly website will not alienate the mobile users and would cater their needs.

Remember, a mobile-friendly ecommerce experience can help you earn customer loyalty. Are you still looking for an excuse?

Known for the best mobile app development services and solutions, Openwave, NYC helps businesses and organizations of any size creating an attractive and feature rich mobile apps for them. We just keep putting one foot after the other with the world where Smartphone’s and tablets have become the engagement medium of choice for consumers.

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