Thursday, August 21, 2014

5 Point Check-List for a Successful Enterprise Mobile App

Enterprises have begun to realize that enabling mobile applications can bring in great degree to drive greater productivity. With this aspect coming into play, building a Mobile solution and maintaining it would take a fraction of the overall investment.

Here are some of the crucial aspects you need to consider while developing Enterprise Mobile Applications.

Gathering In-Depth Business Insights

Understanding complete details can help you overlook on certain factors 

·         how functions are executed currently within a department,

·         where exactly lies the bottleneck,

·         how mobile can bridge the gap and

·         how does the mobile application help users to get their jobs done efficiently

Any negligence here might affect the operations in the long run leading to reduction in productivity and effectiveness of the mobile project.

Measuring Business Process & Development

Along with its detailed layout one can come up with a wireframe design of the Mobile application that allows the team to visualize how the Application would look like. Feedback-Refinement cycle can be carried out at multiple stages to ensure the application is built on user-centric design process. 

Choose App Testing

Obviously, one cannot check the app for every possible scenario. However, polishing the app to make it work smoothly, ironing out the bugs & fixing them in different browser versions, devices or operational systems are a huge task. At the same time performance is critical. Therefore, testing using right tool is a crucial aspect before the App is set for its first release.

Phased-Wise Approach

The simplest way to build a mobile app solution is to do it in stages. Trying to implement everything in one-go might lead to a lot of disruption and delays. At the same time, a staged approach also means a smart way to manage the expectations of business teams.

Appropriate Network Connectivity

One of the major concerns influencing the success or failure of an Enterprise Mobile strategy is network connectivity. Various metrics to consider includes: network connectivity options, connection speeds, reliability, throughput and quality of service so that anybody can access any time, from anywhere be it in office, factory or on the road.

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