Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Why Business Sectors Consider IOS 7 A Strong Alternative to Succeed

Creating a well designed mobile app can make a company feel like it is chasing its tail due to the complexities involved in creating a great user experience and through maintenance.  This invites a careful planning and execution of a well-defined mobile application development strategy that can lead to significant gains in key business drivers.

Apple has announced iOS 7.0.3 a few days back which has rapidly become an effective alternative for enterprises across the globe than just a simple application development. Why because, it brings a whole host of features such as easy mobile device management, central control and additional security- quite suitable for the existing BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment within the enterprise sector.In addition to, here are the four important reasons why enterprises are using this upgrade from Apple? Let’s go.

1.       Security

With BYOD concept booming these days, employees should be assured complete security over their own personal mobile devices within an organization. This reacts in scenarios of the device lost or theft.

IOS 7 offers the Activation Lock feature which makes it impossible for the hackers to steal the data stored within the mobile device.

2.       File sharing

The AirDrop functionality of iOS7 will let the users to share their files smoothly and remotely, extensively used in the social sharing.

3.       Enterprise App Management

This latest upgrade from Apple brings some important features for the IT departments to manage employees’ usage of corporate data and to keep track of their employee’s activities.

The new VPN (Virtual Private Network) enables IT departments to dynamically configure apps for employees so as to connect to its own private network while restricting the access to the users’ personal apps.

4.       Totally FREE iWork Suite

The main purpose of creating this application is to compete with the Microsoft’s free Office Suite without any cost in all the latest iPhones running iOS 7.

Needless to say, these elements lay as the basic foundation for how companies build and grow their mobile footprint.

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