Wednesday, August 27, 2014

3 BIG Mistakes Guaranteed To kill your iPhone App Sales

Nowadays, we get to see a lot of developers spending hundreds of hours even thousands to develop a beautiful app, getting it in the store but completely ignoring to follow any marketing strategy. Unfortunately, even the best designed iPhone apps do not sell well because of such missteps.

If you would want to save hours of frustration while taking the shortcut to boosting your app sales, here are the top three mistakes you need to avoid when selling iPhone apps.

Ignoring Various Marketing Tactic

There are many free marketing tactics to promote your app that you should not ignore. A few include: starting a Twitter account for your iPhone app; creating a blog site using a free tool such as WordPress; a free press release using a service like prMac. But this isn’t. These are just a few freeways and a plenty of paid marketing is available out there. Take some time to research app marketing ideas that can save you time and money while increasing your sales.

Saying No to a Free Version

Sometimes to get visitors download your app even a free could be a tough job. Among 100,000 other apps, you need to convince your customer it is worth their time to hit “download”. It gets even tougher when trying to sell a paid app.

In the App Store, a user has to make a decision is a few screenshots, your description, and maybe some reviews. Get them hooked with a scaled-down version and encourage them to upgrade, occasionally.

Failing To Describe in Brief

Yes, it’s all in the app store. But how do your developers present it before the visitors’ matters. They won’t wait to read the complete description and that’s why the first sentence plays the Hero. It is one of the first things that people will see about your app and get to click “More”.

Say exactly what makes your app unique and how it will help your customers.

Perfection must be your main goal and this needs an app development company with experienced developers who will understand your needs. Your ideal business app is just a call away.

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