Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Challenges & Opportunities in Developing a Mobile App, 2014

With the increasing number of smart phones and tablets evolution, there is a significant change to the form factor of software solutions. The future looks both bright and positive while demanding more ‘n’ more innovative and sophisticated mobile apps and it seems like the mobile developers are taking advantage of this lucrative opportunity.


1.       User Experience

One of the major challenges with mobile application development is user experience. While many app developers treat mobile devices as just another screen, realizing that user interactions and behaviours are vastly different. This makes for an unintuitive and cumbersome experience for users resulting in low adoption and usage of the application.

2.       Development Technology (Native, Hybrid and Web)

Considering the varying capabilities of all the devices and building an app that works well for all of them: one question to consider is, “Should your app be native or hybrid to single platform or whether it should be a web app that runs on all the devices?

This decision is based on the cost as the development budget can escalate if you choose to make your app run on all the devices.

3.       Personalization of Services & Devices

In general, the mobile developers have a presume time within which conversion must be done. This could happen with a quick sign-up process with Facebook or GPS- but still they are not able to turn the potential visitor into an actual customer. The problem is they fail to provide further utilization that can lure the visitor to pay.


1.       Sustainable Advertising

Sustainable advertising help you in generating more revenue which is why app development companies are more focussed on social media, advertising and ecommerce benefits through their apps.

2.       Development of Niche Apps

Developing business apps cater to improvising the efficiency of business and increase the profitability in short period of time, but then this is not applicable for game app development.

All the above mentioned points will surely let you know about the challenges and opportunities involved in the mobile application development world.

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