Monday, April 28, 2014

Brilliant IPhone Apps to Eliminate the Void in Attending Major Conferences

Apple sold 9 million iPhones over the weekend and 200 million devices have already been upgraded to iOS 7 which makes it the fastest software upgrade in the history. Alongside, the entire iPhone app development process, ever since its origin, has been simple with great aesthetic design.

Conferences can be overwhelming and that is where event apps come into play. These apps serve as orientation on site providing exhibitor catalogue and interactive maps, seminar and conference overview or MySchedule functionalities.

Let’s discuss on some of the best contributed by iPhone application development company New York, and you’ll want to consider them for your next conference.

Priceline Hotel Negotiator

This best suits the ultimate procrastinators who forget to book for accommodation. Pairs a great deal-finder with some comic relief to get a chuckle and some sweet hotel deals within a radius of your current location.


This is great way to see what your friends have been up to, offer tips and to-do items for other travellers, just like you and tweet out your locations to help others. Through Foursquare there's sure to be a lot of location-based networking to be done at any social media-minded conference.


Coupled with hand works of iPhone application designers NYC, Gowalla allows the creation of user-generated "trips" like the SEC Football Stadium Trip, or the Austin BBQ Bonanza. It acts to be a great way to meet and make new friends at a conference.

BeamME Pro

Forgot to take enough business cards/ decided to "go green"?  You can still stay connected with your fellow conference-goers. BeamME allows you to leave a text/ email/ tweet all of your contact information in a nice, tidy vCard format to someone instantly.

Do you have any other favourite iPhone apps that would be great for conferences? Ensure to add them in the comments below!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Significance of Enterprise Apps to Apple’s Strategy

Few days back, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook made this announcement stating the company has sold twice as many iPads since its launch as it had iPhones the seven times at a comparable points following introduction. 
With changes in iPhone application development sphere, Apple allows businesses to develop iOS apps for internal use.

Strategies of Enterprise apps and Various Companies in 2014

Apple highlighted several companies that have made major investments in iOS devices, especially in the form of enterprise apps that each company has created for its workers:

·         Amidst the 20,000 iPhones on its network, Deutsche Bank has dozens of enterprise apps.
·         Siemens, Developing IPhone Apps, New York has a dozen enterprise apps on its network.
·         Deployed thousands of iPads, Pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly has created more than dozen apps for its employees.
·         Apart from industrial sectors, FedEx pilots and maintenance crews encourage, iPad development in NYC order to decrease operation expanses meanwhile providing easy access to the company's massive logistical operations.
·         The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is deploying iPad design development to 11,000 healthcare providers designed to provide quick and secure access to patient health information.

Developing and Distributing Enterprise IOS Apps Is No Easy Feat

As is obvious, developing iPhone apps and distributing it without using iTunes is no easy foot. Having said so, it is very important to adhere to trends that increase productivity and enhance revenue.

Apple's success in getting companies to develop key mobile apps for iOS is significant. How so? IPhone apps developer is going to be far more likely to continue using iOS devices in coming years. Rather than switching to Android, Apple's ecosystem of apps and content encourages existing users to replace their iPads or iPhones with newer models. Plus, focussing on enterprise iOS apps within a company is likely to drive further purchases both to expand the use of the devices as well as to replace aging devices.

If you are ready for a new chase in Apple shop, it may be sensible to developing iPhone apps in New York. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Boost Your Productivity with these Latest iPad Business Apps For 2014

Having built for customers, it’s quite easy to guess that what's good for them and what favours businesses. But yes, the only stumbling block may be the growing volume of apps available.

From travel planning to document editing using Microsoft Office tools to time tracking to getting a good night's sleep, IOS application designers have contributed a lot more for 2014. Here are a few...


Catnip for business execs on the go, it provides a free, cloud-based version of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint on your iPad. The file is automatically synced with your computer’s Dropbox folder and looks like you have got a desktop app on the move.

Dragon Dictation

Not all of us have Siri but Dragon Dictation app does a remarkable job of understanding what you say and accurately transcribe it into text.


The latest iOS 5 lets you add a reminders/to-do app to its mobile devices leaving something to be desired. While iPad design development NYC makes it easy for you to quickly create and customize a reminder, you can even reschedule it or share it via email among friends.

FlightTrack Pro

For frequent business travellers, the app integrates with TripIt and your iOS calendar; pinpoint a plane’s current location as well as the weather.

HootSuite for Twitter

Designed for iPad users, HootSuite provides you need one easy-to-use dashboard app to manage all your social channels on the go. The best part is its Scheduled updates feature that enables you to write posts on the weekend and automatically send them during the week.


Want to create visually compelling presentations? Apple app development NYC offers Keyword app that includes 12 presentation theme templates to get you started. It acts as a remote control for a Keynote presentation on your iPad over a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.

Magellan RoadMate USA

There’s no such thing as a perfect GPS device or app for those who are a travel-freak. If you are so, definitely you shall love RoadMate USA. Its turn-by-turn, voice-guided directions are mostly accurate while displaying highway interchange signs.

Are there any other accessible business apps for iPad? Share your thoughts under comments. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Importance of Dashboard and Reporting Mobile Apps in Today’s Business

Be it a Smartphone or tablet or any other portable device- people these days are addicted to it, especially to  mobile apps which help them to do their business works in an accurate manner. Along with smart apps, for a business to succeed, one requires various tools and techniques in order to make their business work easier and accurate.

One such app is dashboard and reporting app which become an emergence of business environment and addiction of business people.

What’s Business Intelligence App?

Dashboard and reporting apps are highly used by business people to improve the process of business intelligence and make it perform faster and easier. As these apps open an array of program in a single layout, not only mobile app developers can host several widgets in a single place but also offer a visual treat to its users. In precise, it creates an efficient environment for sharing valuable and correct information to others without having to worry about missing out anyone.

Significance that Follows Dashboard and Reporting Application Development

People who have passed their years in mobile applications development in New York NYC, (both android and iOS) have a couple of things in mind to select an appropriate dashboard app according to their business needs. Despite looking for more advance apps to increase their business performance, some of the common benefits include:

·         To Analyze Your Business Trends
·         Enabling To Create Multiple Reports
·         Ability to Create Spur on Vital Information
·         Ease and Accurate Sharing Capacity
·         Add Accuracy, Timeliness and Automation to Your Business Process
·         Create an Appealing Interactivity

Outsourcing your project needs to reputed mobile application development companies in New York, one such Openwave Computing LLC, lets you create applications for multiple platforms including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Blackberry and Symbian.  Don’t be late to gain commercial insight and take positive action.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mobile Ecommerce to Change the Face of Business

The pervasiveness and ubiquity of Smartphone’s and technological marvels is affecting business and what we can expect for the future of mobile ecommerce. A survey shows, ““More than 40 percent of orders now happen on mobiles, a year back this was just 5 percent,”. This clearly tells that mobile app development leverage to deliver a completely interactive, mesmerizing experience that engages shoppers at every level.

With that in mind, here are five innovative ecommerce apps, from mobile application development companies in New York to help you this Easter season.
Nine West’s New App

Many tend to view their storefronts and apps as separate entities. This is true with different audiences have different buying behaviours. This app makes the connection and generates 
between 20-75% of daily transactions in the aforementioned stores.


Built for iPad, this is one of the largest and most enthusiastic fan bases when it comes to motoring. They get bold HD quality specifics on all the cars in full interactive beauty – including clickable “hotspots” with lots of extras. 

Sons of Anarchy

This app follows the hit TV show and chronicles the lives of a motorcycle gang, does more than just allow fans to watch episodes on their Smartphone. Similar to TopGear, mobile app developers have created this one by inviting users to tilt their iPads to see 360 degree views of the bikers’ clubhouse.


Fandango takes mobile ticket purchases to a new level by integrating with Apple’s Passbook where the ticket can be scanned by the theatre’s ticket-taker so that all the user has to do is find a seat and enjoy the show. Integrated with key players in the industry, including AMC, Regency and Southern Theatres, as well as Yahoo, AOL and MSN’s respective movie portals, it covers every aspect of the shopper’s movie-going experience.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that mobile shopping apps improve the business perspective. Are you planning to create mobile apps to take your online store front to next step? Hire a professional mobile app development company who understands your needs and work accordingly.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What’s in the Limelight of Apple’s App Store Today

In honour of the forth coming sixth anniversary, Apple's App Store is giving away some of its most popular games and apps for free. There are a whole bunch are dud in iPhone app development and you don't want to waste your time with those.

At the same time, not to forget, many iPhone apps are worth paying for, but available for free, now!

The Best Utility Apps Now For Free

Here are some of the superficially good free apps

Adobe Photoshop Express: Adobe proved that Digital photography editing could be done in the mobile space with Photoshop Express for free. While it acts as a powerhouse, it can even handle noise reduction that show up on photos. Perfect for business people who procrastinate things! It encourages making a habit of reviewing your daily tasks that comprise time and date reminders as well as geo-location reminders.

Mystical Island: Perfect for gamers, IPhone Developers, New York have tried to let you completely lost far away in Southern seas is full of mysteries and riddles.

Peekaboo Universe: Peekaboo! Guess Who? Now play a new hide-and-seek game in the real Universe!

Piggybot: The only parent-designed, kid-tested allowance app to help kids spend, share, and save smart. With this app, it is easy to track allowance spending and saving- no missed allowance & no forgetting IOUs

Connect-All: A simple and addictive puzzle game that lets you connect the players from anywhere in the globe.

Videolicious: Instantly weave together photos, interviews, videos, music and more into a sophisticated video production-in second. Version 3.0 brings features an all new iOS 7 design with speed and efficiency updates.

What do you think about these apps? Aren’t they worth downloading? If there are any other apps as such, do let us know under comments.

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Best iPhone Apps to Check out “What’s Around Town”

Imagine you are moving into a new city and wanted to get the best of it. Smartphone’s make for it. Mobile app development companies are out with a successful game plan to retain their current market shares and gain more.

In the last few months of 2014, iPhone app developers have given their best shots on apps that help tourists to find restaurants and bars for foodies, movie theatres, and other things near you.

Mobile Apps for Dining In

The GrubHub: Enter your address or search your current location and be treated to all of your nearby delivery or pickup options from our massive restaurant network. Thanks to – 20,000+ eateries in more than 500 of America’s best cities.

Big Oven: Wanted to try out yummy foods? Now take 250,000+ recipes, your grocery list and menus anywhere on your iPhone. It is the most complete cooking tool for getting inspired and organized in the kitchen and on-the-go.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner: The new and improved Allrecipes Dinner Spinner gives you instant access to collection of member-shared recipes with photos, ratings and reviews from a community of more than 30 million home cooks.

Mobile Apps to Visit New Places

Field Trip: Available for iPhone users, Field Trip acts as your guide to the cool, hidden, and unique things in the world. Starting from local history to the latest and best places to shop, eat, and have fun, this app even helps to discover the obscure history about your neighbourhood during your next walk to the park.

Viator Tours & Activities: Optimized for iOS 7, mobile app development has given their best one to find and book amazing tours and activities around the world. Listed with thousands of high-resolution photos and fun, and enlightening videos, this app serves over 500,000 reviews.

Around Me: Now finding out information about your surroundings is a breeze. With around me, you can choose to locate through maps, view routes, add the information to your contact list or even email the information to a friend.

Mobile app development is a never ending price. You got an idea? Contact Openwave Computing Services, NYC for any type of mobile app solution.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Which Mobile OS Helps Your Business Drastically

In a world where Smartphone use is rising exponentially, not to mention a ton of money, is turning your app idea into reality are huge. If you'd like to start creating an app for your business using any one of all of these, Android, iPhone or iPad, read ahead to know which is the best right now?

Before Your Get Started With Choosing The Right Platform...

To start with, the business people must be clear about their objectives and aims regarding the mobile application development. While iOS & Android manage to dominate the mobile app world, we shall discuss the reasons why to make mobile application in every mobile OS.

Stats and Facts from Android Lovers:

·         Recommended in all sectors as its features are useful for business, social as well as individual usage
·         Comes with cost-effective package for user acquisition, trustworthy ad attribution and less privacy concerns
·         Earns 48.5 market share, out of which 60% of the US activations and 850,000 Android gadgets
·         One of the best Smartphone’s with its better monetization infrastructure
·         Worldwide Android sales to end users in 2013: 80%

Stats and Facts from iOS Developers:

·         The first smart device to render downloadable apps and allows users to get a customized experience
·         With the release of the iPad in 2010, it became the best source for classroom learning while tablets are the best for the corporate environment.
·         The introduction of iOS 7 is expected to beat Android Market
·         Worldwide iPhone sales to end users in 2013: 20%

Last but not Least, the Charm of Windows:

·         In around 24 countries like Ukraine, Thailand and Ecuador an outrageous sales beating even the iOS platform.
·         Market share has picked up from 4.8 % to 10.2%
·         Makes the users happy as it comes with cross-app development efficiency

On a concluding point, every OS has its own attributes and role in the market. So what do you think as a perfect starting point for any beginner? 

Smart Approaches to Increase Your App Downloads

The war between Google Play and Apple’s App Store is fiercer than ever. It’s clear that if you’re going to make a splash in the growing mobile app development market, increasing app downloads is pretty straightforward. 

However, getting downloads for app is not easy like to take a sip from cup of tea. Read on to cross check these factors to promote your app and increase app downloads without breaking the bank.

Basic Steps to Get Maximum Downloads For Your App

Creating App Videos:

Users these days like to see how your app works. Infact, videos stand out to be the best way to explain them. It shows them all those features which are used in your app and how they are useful for them.

Limited Period Validity: Say, it is important to create an iPhone app and launch it for free or at half price with limited time period as it influences users to hurry up to download your app. It works better when offered “free download for the first One Lakh Users”

Constant Analysis: Constant analysis guarantees a lot of ideas to boost your app download. This includes on various modes:
·         Analysis on how much downloads in a day,
·         How many visitors and mostly from which countries?
·         Reviews and feedbacks

Clean Screenshots of Your App: Make sure that your app screenshots are clean and clear to be easily visible.

Attractive Cover Pictures: People don’t really care about cover image but an amazing cover image leads to attract greater number of users towards your app page. Nail it!

Regardless of your app developer’s effort on functionality and choice of audience, all these above said factors drive downloads to swim app world. Have you implemented any such creative method? What online marketing methods work for you? C’mon, feel free to share them!
It’s as simple as that.