Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Which Mobile OS Helps Your Business Drastically

In a world where Smartphone use is rising exponentially, not to mention a ton of money, is turning your app idea into reality are huge. If you'd like to start creating an app for your business using any one of all of these, Android, iPhone or iPad, read ahead to know which is the best right now?

Before Your Get Started With Choosing The Right Platform...

To start with, the business people must be clear about their objectives and aims regarding the mobile application development. While iOS & Android manage to dominate the mobile app world, we shall discuss the reasons why to make mobile application in every mobile OS.

Stats and Facts from Android Lovers:

·         Recommended in all sectors as its features are useful for business, social as well as individual usage
·         Comes with cost-effective package for user acquisition, trustworthy ad attribution and less privacy concerns
·         Earns 48.5 market share, out of which 60% of the US activations and 850,000 Android gadgets
·         One of the best Smartphone’s with its better monetization infrastructure
·         Worldwide Android sales to end users in 2013: 80%

Stats and Facts from iOS Developers:

·         The first smart device to render downloadable apps and allows users to get a customized experience
·         With the release of the iPad in 2010, it became the best source for classroom learning while tablets are the best for the corporate environment.
·         The introduction of iOS 7 is expected to beat Android Market
·         Worldwide iPhone sales to end users in 2013: 20%

Last but not Least, the Charm of Windows:

·         In around 24 countries like Ukraine, Thailand and Ecuador an outrageous sales beating even the iOS platform.
·         Market share has picked up from 4.8 % to 10.2%
·         Makes the users happy as it comes with cross-app development efficiency

On a concluding point, every OS has its own attributes and role in the market. So what do you think as a perfect starting point for any beginner? 

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