Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Smart Approaches to Increase Your App Downloads

The war between Google Play and Apple’s App Store is fiercer than ever. It’s clear that if you’re going to make a splash in the growing mobile app development market, increasing app downloads is pretty straightforward. 

However, getting downloads for app is not easy like to take a sip from cup of tea. Read on to cross check these factors to promote your app and increase app downloads without breaking the bank.

Basic Steps to Get Maximum Downloads For Your App

Creating App Videos:

Users these days like to see how your app works. Infact, videos stand out to be the best way to explain them. It shows them all those features which are used in your app and how they are useful for them.

Limited Period Validity: Say, it is important to create an iPhone app and launch it for free or at half price with limited time period as it influences users to hurry up to download your app. It works better when offered “free download for the first One Lakh Users”

Constant Analysis: Constant analysis guarantees a lot of ideas to boost your app download. This includes on various modes:
·         Analysis on how much downloads in a day,
·         How many visitors and mostly from which countries?
·         Reviews and feedbacks

Clean Screenshots of Your App: Make sure that your app screenshots are clean and clear to be easily visible.

Attractive Cover Pictures: People don’t really care about cover image but an amazing cover image leads to attract greater number of users towards your app page. Nail it!

Regardless of your app developer’s effort on functionality and choice of audience, all these above said factors drive downloads to swim app world. Have you implemented any such creative method? What online marketing methods work for you? C’mon, feel free to share them!
It’s as simple as that.

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