Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Getting started with iPhone Apps for Meditation

Meditation, in recent time, is catching the attention of not just holistic health enthusiasts but business leaders and celebrities across the Western world. Here are a few revolution happened in recent iPhone application development that leverage you start meditating right now and on the path to a more peaceful existence.

A startup out of San Francisco and London, this app lets you begin immediately with its free “7 steps of Calm”. This includes guided meditation practice such as “breath”, “posture” and “mindset” as part of beginner’s program and unlock yearly pro-access for $9.99 which includes dozens of guided meditations ranging from 2-20 minutes with relaxing nature scenes like forest rain and an ocean beach.

Breathe Sync

If taking deep breaths is one of your hurdles, iPhone app developers have come up with this app that measures the quality of your breath using your iPhone’s camera. Based on your pulse rate variation, it provides you with your well-being.


The popular Headspace app’s free “Take 10” offering includes a new guided meditation each day for 10 days but later package costs $7.99 per month. Despite the cost, Headspace’s co-founder Andy Puddicombe claims to have one of the most comprehensive packages on the market.

Simply Being

This app’s calming voice eases you into relaxation with 5, 10 or 15 minute guided meditations. Sounds like ocean, rain and stream add to the value. Cool, isn’t it?

MindBody Connect

It is one of the best iPhone apps to help you locate the nearest yoga or meditation class near you as long as you’re in a metropolitan area in the U.S. All you need is to simply open up the app, update your settings and search for “yoga” or “meditation” and hit Discover to find your next yoga or relaxation centre.

To sum up, these grab-and-go meditation apps in your pocket are sure to reconnect with yourself. Meanwhile, mobile app development indeed be an investment that has far reaching effects for a win-win situation for the both the business and the customer.

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