Friday, March 21, 2014

What CIOs Demand In Mobile App Development

You are here because you know what it means to boost in productivity.  Yes, the demand for mobile apps is increasing to enable them to work better and with the freedom to do that on the move. More and more companies are looking to make it easier for their customers to do business approaching a mobile app development service.

Your job as CIO is to ensure that your organisation is able to deliver the apps predominantly and these points address to help you on your journey.

Mobile Apps Itself the New Strategy:

Constantly, new devices and form factors are being released and operating systems are updated at least yearly once. Fast the innovation and very quick the obsolescence. Therefore, deciding on what apps to build and what devices and form factors to support it is the best to try and not second-guess what might happen in the future.

The Devices Your Users Is Hard To Mandate

Mobile phones and tablets are used for their own reasons which are why whichever way you look at it you will need to support a range of devices and form factors. For instance, B2E apps supply a user with a company-supplied device to enable them to complete certain tasks. In the wider scope, cross platform application development is beating around so as to support multiple devices, multiple operating systems and multiple form factors.

Enterprise Applications Are Unique

Typically each mobile app is designed to address one small area of functionality unlike enterprise applications which are designed to cover a whole set of business processes. Large enterprises apps are built for internal consumption- B2E apps as well as external consumption- B2B and B2C apps.

Create Your Own App Store and Later Invite Third parties

Instead of looking to build everything yourself you could create a set of mobile-enabled APIs across your core systems that would allow anybody with secure access to build apps using those APIs. This can be used by any of your employees, suppliers, customers or other 3rd parties. Needless to say, Mobile app Development Company like Openwave computing services lets you set up your own enterprise app store which enables you to securely deliver apps to the right audience.

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