Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How Can Young People Help Communities with Custom Mobile Apps

These days, a lot of movement are rising in the USA motivating young people to build mobile, social and web applications to resolve community based issues. In the last couple of months, mobile app development companies have grown footprint among 10,000% to 20,000 students in 230 schools across the city.

So, lets’ have a detail glance at what influence education system to think BIGGER

Challenges in Education System about Social Awareness

Technology is advancing apace that excites the imagination of young people who want to use it to create, play and share. But education systems globally are needlessly wasting talent.

·         Honestly, traditional teaching methods are highly de-motivating youngsters leaving them ill prepared for the real world.
·         Secondly, teachers who want to use technology to create exciting new ways to learn feel frustrated they cannot do more.
·         There are 650 million students in Africa using mobile surpassing the number in the United States or Europe but not half of them know “educational apps”

How Education Apps Help Society and “Beep me” culture

To say out loud, pious mobile app development companies created a programme where young people learn to create mobile and Facebook apps to solve real-life problems. Not only for teenagers but also designers, developers and entrepreneurs can learn all steps in the app development process in a very practical way. In other words, it’s all about bridging the knowledge gap in technology and putting the tools in the hands of young people.

Of Africa’s unemployed, 60% are young people, the International Labour Organization reports. Building an app that’s completely education based can peep up economy. These digital innovations are not only in the business sector, but also in agriculture, health and education.

Means, Mobile application development could just become a game changer in anyone’s life. So, do you think of creating a mobile app for your organisation or sector? Assured! You are soon going to see some money!!!

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