Monday, March 3, 2014

iOS 7 To Impact Enterprise Apps

There are plenty of new features that everyone talks about with any release of iOS, and the latest iOS 7 falls on the same line. It provides many opportunities to improve mobile app development for enterprises. And, here we are going to look at a few ones.


Initially released with iOS4, multitasking is a feature to deal with background tasks for three specific areas: locations services, VOIP and media playback. Any type of data can be sent in the middle of the night rather than doing synchronization when the application is first launched, thus saving the user much time.

What to Consider: While this feature opens up a lot of possibilities for enterprise customers it needs to be designed intelligently, so it doesn’t suck the battery dry.


Much like some of the apps on the App Store it gives us the ability to share data with those around us. Since it uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to share many more data types like a video or document no setup is required and all transfers are encrypted.


When you tap on a file, it gives you a list of apps you can use to open the file. With Open in Management feature, enterprises can now restrict which type of apps can open which type of documents so that accidentally sharing company documents on Facebook, via email, etc can be nullified.


At present the App Store Volume Purchase Program (VPP) uses redemption codes for distribution and deployment which is again a major flaw when an employee leaves the company. With iOS 7, even though apps are assigned to employees for use, ownership will remain with the company so that licenses can be revoked.

Everyone needs to start testing their current apps now as well as review their user interface to take full advantage of the new design. Contact Openwave for updating your iPhone apps for iOS 7. We are one of the best mobile app development companies in NYC. Our approach towards mobile is that it supports a line of business’ overall strategy, resulting in extraordinary returns.

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