Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How to Channelize a B2B Mobile App Success

The greatest misconception of app development is that once the software is built, the development ends.  While achieving all of the benefits of having a B2B app fully deployed to sales, marketing, and channel teams, being able to afford the development, distribution and maintenance costs can be a challenge.

Bear in mind some of these important factors for mobile app success:

Is your app truly interactive? The vast majority of B2B sales and marketing apps are tablet-based versions of slide presentations, and videos. The reason behind their effectiveness is not simply because they are used on a touch screen device but as they are very interactive with the end user on a sensory level, and create an emotional connection.

Is your app compatible with mobile alone? Consider making a mobile app available for tablets and Smartphone’s, as well as standalone app for desktop computers and as a browser app running on the web.

Is it supportive for Online and Offline? As a matter of fact these days’ sales and marketing teams often encounter customer-facing venues where access to the Internet is limited or simply not available. But ensure that your mobile application is fully functional whether or not the device is connected to the web.

Can you process immediate updates? Whenever a content update to the app is made, make sure the change is distributed incrementally to every user’s local app from one central cloud location so that ALL users have immediate access to the very latest version of interactive content the next time they are connected to internet.

Do you do engagement analytics? Don’t just stop tracking how many people have downloaded your app. Instead, track how your app is being used, how interactive users are with each section of the app, where the users are and what devices they are using to access the app.

B2B apps development for sales and marketing has already proven to yield significant opportunity to improvising sales effectiveness and marketing efficiency and dramatically improve the likelihood of sustained success.

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