Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How to Promote Your Mobile App Using Social Media

Mobile app today is what laptop computer once. As more users harness the power of mobile and appoint mobile apps for everyday entertainment, most of the time it is assumed they go viral automatically. But sadly, no! Creating a mobile app is only half the battle whereas making people care enough to download and use it completes the war.

This post, we shall discuss why and how to use social media after mobile application development to get people notice your creation. So here we go...

Why Do Mobile Applications Require Promotion?

·         Many apps exist that it’s difficult to get noticed in the crowd
·         Users often opt for the free ones first than paid apps
·         Takes longer time for people to notice the app

Fortunately, the age of Web 2.0 has mobile developers creating many tools including social media networks ranging from Facebook to Twitter to YouTube.

How can you use social media in Mobile App Promotion?

Killer blog post on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus

Sharing quality content is a single shared principle on all social media networks. Inspite of creating a piece of high quality content related to your app in mind that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to write an advertisement and then start pushing it in people’s faces. Rather, it should be creative.

Review Your App and Share It

They’re going to need to hear that your app is awesome only if you submit your app to various sites for review. This includes: AppCraver, My Daily App, iPhone.AppStorm and Big App Show. The more people you can convince to share, be it a Re-tweet, or a blog post or on StumbleUpon, Reddit, or Digg, the more momentum your app will gain.

Fan Page for your app

No doubt Facebook is the social media king which is why you need to make sure your app has a home base on it. Create a fan page and get to work on getting as many Likes as possible. You might also try getting more fans through giveaways and other types of contests thus engaging your followers.

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