Monday, February 24, 2014

Why Re-skinning Your Mobile Apps - The Need of Time

There are a lot of factors to consider when creating a mobile app significantly amount of time and money. The mobile application development has continuously evolved into a very aggressive adding extra pressure one as in like

·         Competitors come up with new apps here and there, and
·         Consumers change their needs and demands from time to time.

In reality, apps appear to be similar or some can be a rip-off of other apps. It is not possible to create apps overnight but however, you can re-skin apps to create more apps in just a short period of time.

Mobile App Re-Skinning

Re-skinning, in digital era, refers to the custom graphical appearance that can be achieved by a Graphical User Interface. You do not have to change the source code or the app’s template but updating the app in such way that more customers will be attracted to purchase the product.

Benefits of App Re-Skinning

Save Time: Instead of developers wasting painfully long amount of time writing the source code for apps, repeat some processes or to review some steps.

Save Money: Hiring a pool of programmers to create the source code for an app can cost you a lot. Instead, enhance your app with a small group of skilled people who can already modify it.

Give More Room for Creativity: Besides inexpensive initiative, it’s a way to produce better results and improve an app and make it a far better version of the original. 

Better Return on Investment:  It is one of the better strategies in terms of getting a strong and positive return on investment, and app developers do agree that. A lot of them purchase the code of the product of an app from their competition and they just work on re-skinning them. Thus, we can make a better and improved version of the app of your competitor.

Reuse the Code to Create Other App:

Surely faster than the whole mobile app development process, it is easier to release and you can easily distribute the re-skinned app to various app platforms and stores, be it Android or iPhone App or even Windows.

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