Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Getting started with iPhone Apps for Meditation

Meditation, in recent time, is catching the attention of not just holistic health enthusiasts but business leaders and celebrities across the Western world. Here are a few revolution happened in recent iPhone application development that leverage you start meditating right now and on the path to a more peaceful existence.

A startup out of San Francisco and London, this app lets you begin immediately with its free “7 steps of Calm”. This includes guided meditation practice such as “breath”, “posture” and “mindset” as part of beginner’s program and unlock yearly pro-access for $9.99 which includes dozens of guided meditations ranging from 2-20 minutes with relaxing nature scenes like forest rain and an ocean beach.

Breathe Sync

If taking deep breaths is one of your hurdles, iPhone app developers have come up with this app that measures the quality of your breath using your iPhone’s camera. Based on your pulse rate variation, it provides you with your well-being.


The popular Headspace app’s free “Take 10” offering includes a new guided meditation each day for 10 days but later package costs $7.99 per month. Despite the cost, Headspace’s co-founder Andy Puddicombe claims to have one of the most comprehensive packages on the market.

Simply Being

This app’s calming voice eases you into relaxation with 5, 10 or 15 minute guided meditations. Sounds like ocean, rain and stream add to the value. Cool, isn’t it?

MindBody Connect

It is one of the best iPhone apps to help you locate the nearest yoga or meditation class near you as long as you’re in a metropolitan area in the U.S. All you need is to simply open up the app, update your settings and search for “yoga” or “meditation” and hit Discover to find your next yoga or relaxation centre.

To sum up, these grab-and-go meditation apps in your pocket are sure to reconnect with yourself. Meanwhile, mobile app development indeed be an investment that has far reaching effects for a win-win situation for the both the business and the customer.

Friday, March 21, 2014

What CIOs Demand In Mobile App Development

You are here because you know what it means to boost in productivity.  Yes, the demand for mobile apps is increasing to enable them to work better and with the freedom to do that on the move. More and more companies are looking to make it easier for their customers to do business approaching a mobile app development service.

Your job as CIO is to ensure that your organisation is able to deliver the apps predominantly and these points address to help you on your journey.

Mobile Apps Itself the New Strategy:

Constantly, new devices and form factors are being released and operating systems are updated at least yearly once. Fast the innovation and very quick the obsolescence. Therefore, deciding on what apps to build and what devices and form factors to support it is the best to try and not second-guess what might happen in the future.

The Devices Your Users Is Hard To Mandate

Mobile phones and tablets are used for their own reasons which are why whichever way you look at it you will need to support a range of devices and form factors. For instance, B2E apps supply a user with a company-supplied device to enable them to complete certain tasks. In the wider scope, cross platform application development is beating around so as to support multiple devices, multiple operating systems and multiple form factors.

Enterprise Applications Are Unique

Typically each mobile app is designed to address one small area of functionality unlike enterprise applications which are designed to cover a whole set of business processes. Large enterprises apps are built for internal consumption- B2E apps as well as external consumption- B2B and B2C apps.

Create Your Own App Store and Later Invite Third parties

Instead of looking to build everything yourself you could create a set of mobile-enabled APIs across your core systems that would allow anybody with secure access to build apps using those APIs. This can be used by any of your employees, suppliers, customers or other 3rd parties. Needless to say, Mobile app Development Company like Openwave computing services lets you set up your own enterprise app store which enables you to securely deliver apps to the right audience.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What’s Better than Promoting Your App For Free - Creative Ideas

Have you heard of app entrepreneurs who made it in the app world without spending a penny on promoting their app? Yes? No? Never Mind. You’ll be one on that list very soon.
The cost of a customer acquisition can never be simpler than this.  Here are a few dashing ideas to promote your app for free.

Creative Ideas to Promote Your Mobile App for Free

Make use of Pinterest: Blog images, info-graphics and visual content on your Pinterest board along with happy customer photos or hold contests- what a great combination right? Remember, a happy customer is a brand ambassador for your app

Build a microsite:  A one or two-page which showcases your app to the web audience. Check out Snapchat and Path for clue during mobile app development.

Build a teaser website: Want to know who is interested so much in your app? Build a teaser website before the launch to collect email addresses of people who would like to know when the app launches.

Create a product video: A creative, funny, thought-provoking or personal video that tells a story? Take clue from app like the Dollar Shave Club.

Pitch to app review websites:  Not to mention, websites such as 148apps, AppStore Apps and AppAdvice can generate a lot of buzz for your app.

Manually recruit customers: Know your audience and find them. Reach out to local art schools, libraries and paediatricians to get more customers.

Integrate social within the app:  Obviously, users prefer to share their opinion with others. For instance, “Path app” allows users to share photographs on social media and “Draw Something” ensures you rope in a friend or more.
Make good use of App Store Optimization. You can find it at the app store.

Consider Offering A Promotional Price: In case your app is a paid one, consider a promotional pricing of $0.99 during the launch time. This price point encourages impulse purchases.

Above said are a few of my opinions. Do you think you can give a better idea? Don’t hesitate to share your opinions that might really help mobile app developers.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How Can Young People Help Communities with Custom Mobile Apps

These days, a lot of movement are rising in the USA motivating young people to build mobile, social and web applications to resolve community based issues. In the last couple of months, mobile app development companies have grown footprint among 10,000% to 20,000 students in 230 schools across the city.

So, lets’ have a detail glance at what influence education system to think BIGGER

Challenges in Education System about Social Awareness

Technology is advancing apace that excites the imagination of young people who want to use it to create, play and share. But education systems globally are needlessly wasting talent.

·         Honestly, traditional teaching methods are highly de-motivating youngsters leaving them ill prepared for the real world.
·         Secondly, teachers who want to use technology to create exciting new ways to learn feel frustrated they cannot do more.
·         There are 650 million students in Africa using mobile surpassing the number in the United States or Europe but not half of them know “educational apps”

How Education Apps Help Society and “Beep me” culture

To say out loud, pious mobile app development companies created a programme where young people learn to create mobile and Facebook apps to solve real-life problems. Not only for teenagers but also designers, developers and entrepreneurs can learn all steps in the app development process in a very practical way. In other words, it’s all about bridging the knowledge gap in technology and putting the tools in the hands of young people.

Of Africa’s unemployed, 60% are young people, the International Labour Organization reports. Building an app that’s completely education based can peep up economy. These digital innovations are not only in the business sector, but also in agriculture, health and education.

Means, Mobile application development could just become a game changer in anyone’s life. So, do you think of creating a mobile app for your organisation or sector? Assured! You are soon going to see some money!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Is Your Business Ready to Own a Mobile App?

Nowadays, the average user now spends 9 %more time using mobile applications than the internet. Whether you are running a restaurant, or an ecommerce store, or simply a blog and manage a DIY platform, you can grow your business just by adding an app to your model. Surprised? Wait for it.

In this post, we have discussed a few points that might really trigger to help you take the decision. So, here we go!!!

Where Does Your Business Stand?

People in the USA are spending more time on Smartphone’s than desktops. As you see, it is big time for marketers to start engaging with their stakeholders and they rely on smart apps. From business point of view, then needless to say, we must be targeting such users via these devices.

What does all this mean for your business? A survey says, “When asked, do you think that at least half the businesses in your industry must indulge mobile application development?” The response was amazing: 100% Yes. As such, mobile apps designed by businesses for internal use and competitive advantage will explode over time. This is why all business leaders need to ask themselves if their business has anything to do with creating mobile apps to transform business processes?

Definitely, the rise of mobile apps for all business functions is a hard trend you can’t ignore. So how to you give a core competitive advantage, rather than relying on off-the-shelf apps you and your competitors can get through various app stores? Well, a mobile application development company can answer that for you. Bear in mind, the companies that transform their business processes using mobility will achieve new levels of success. When? Not any mere future but the best time for business process transformation is NOW.

At Openwave, a mobile app development company, NYC, you can get all possible creative, engaging and intuitive apps for your business.  Our renowned strategy & planning team works alongside our world class branding and cap it all off. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Can I invest in iPhone App Development?

Earning millions of dollars on an iPhone app sounds appealing, but then, most of them will walk away with little or nothing to show for it. Therefore, before you jump to iPhone application development, isn’t it good to think ahead and make some estimations as in what would be the reasonable return on investment once the app is released?

What’s the Gain when investing into iPhone App Development?

Let’s start with calculating the revenue. There is a formula to calculate your revenue: number of downloads * monetization coefficient.

For example, take the monetization coefficient, which is how much money one installation brings.

·         In general, a free app is downloaded 15-20 times more often than a paid one.
·         For paid apps with no in-app purchases it’s simply “The Price” minus Apple’s 30%- despite the fact that paid app will not necessarily bring you more money.

What’s The Probability of an App Download?

The probability that your app will be downloaded depends on the following

·         Make it to App Store Charts: An iPhone app developer’s team in USA suggest an app should make 13,000 download daily to be in Top 100 Free Apps. So, will your app make it to App Store Charts, whether it’s Top Apps Paid, Free or category section?
·         To Beat the Competitors:  Based on a report released recently, it is found that the most competitive categories in Dec 2013 were Games (5,617 new apps) followed by Education (1,168 apps) and lastly Business (3,091). Meanwhile, the number of new apps in other categories varies from approximately 3,000-1,000 (Travel, Lifestyle, Utilities, Sports, Health) to 900-800 (Music, Food, Photography).

What If My Apps Fail? Don't abandon them?

Sometimes, post the mobile application development, and release you might want to develop something quite different but leaving a half-baked app behind. Never do this as it might affect your company’s reputation. Instead, be passionate about any app of yours and continue to maintain it in the long run, thus building trust and strong customer relationship.

Monday, March 10, 2014

How to Build an Effective Mobile Health App?

Being health specialist or working in a healthcare means- you likely spend more time away from your desk than at it. This is when mobile application development for hospitals took a head up. Despite the 17,000 plus mobile health apps on the market, the door of opportunity for new apps is still wide open to create new solutions for improving health and wellness.
This article will give a glance as to how different is your medical app and how it assures that health care professionals and/or consumers will actually use yours when the landscape is so crowded?

Resolves Legitimate Health Issues

Does your app solve a legitimate health issues? There are many areas of health that still need solutions and creating a medical iPhone application should have the potential to solve many existing and emerging issues help people save on healthcare expenditures.

Ease of Use

While Doctors and consumers are busy with their daily routine jobs, of course they don’t require an iPhone of too much extra effort. So, during app designing

·         Maximize the value it provides for everyone who is using it.
·         Ensure it saves time for doctors who are interacting with patients through a messaging platform or facilitating access to health information for patients on the go.

Unique and a Better Solution

As matter of fact, mobile application development is very competitive. So

·         Do research ahead of time to ensure that your time isn’t being wasted developing something that is already on the market.
·         Differentiate yourself by talking to health care professionals and consumers before creating your app so that you know it serves a purpose.

Patient Empowerment Is Key

Patient empowerment involves measuring the long-term patient behaviour, especially for medication adherence and other preventative health measures. So create a mobile app that healthcare professionals are more likely to see the benefits of it and prescribe it to their patients.

Now that you know what aspects make an iPhone app development effective, think about the areas it improves health outcomes for a big Impact. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

iPhone Game Development- A Great Source to Make Money

New Yorkers and Games always go hand in hand. While it has become an integral part of our lives people of all age groups love fun and leisure. With the availability of different kinds of smart phones, “the games” are no more restricted to PCs and other such devices.

This article is all about iPhone games and how it has influenced more than half population of global users.

IPhone games, A New Generation Solution

IPhone is one such smart device that offers gamers an incredible gaming experience. This is one of the hidden success stories of iPhone game development too. Rapidly spreading like a wildfire, it has completely conquered the gaming world, can say. Ever since the innovation, the iPhone apps developers have gifted the mobile world with some of the most miraculous apps that are being used by millions across the world for their myriad needs. No wonder, by the end of 2013, the apps have served countless business enterprises world over.

Apple announced the 2013 winners of its annual design awards, rather the creativity of young 

·         WWF Together:  A well designed game that reveals the lives of most interesting and beautiful endangered animals.
·         Badland:  an action adventure side-scroller with immersive, balanced sound design complements.
·         Letterpress: A word Game that turns out to be a perfect blend of fun and strategy.
·         Ridiculous Fishing: A unique entertainer with chainsaws, toasters, and other weapons, with engaging physics-based gameplay
·         Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders: an arcade-style WWII aerial combat game with non-arcade style verisimilitude and accuracy, including real historical locations.

These are just a few examples. Each new day, iOS developers come packed with the interesting and ultra-modern features that allow building of high quality apps for a rich gaming experience.

Are you looking to create one game app to step up in business? C’mon, hire Openwave Computing LLC, a reputed iPhone app development firm in NYC. While our iPhone developers seek out new and innovative ideas to create something miraculous, no wonder the scope of iPhone game development is wide open- from arcade to war to puzzles to racing to numbers and a lot more. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Do You Have Mobile App Privacy Policy?

Ecommerce has always been about a mutually beneficial exchange of offering products and services in return for cash or an equivalent value exchange. At the same time, this leaves customers to a blind confusion of what the company does with their contact details and why do they gather it.

This article explains three reasons why mobile app developers should have a privacy policy that outlines data collection.

Report from the Federal Trade Commission

·         Only 28 percent of paid apps and 48 percent of free apps available in the Apple App Store include a privacy policy or link to a privacy policy on the app promotion page. 
·         The pop-up notification that asks permission for push notifications is the best example of “just-in-time disclosure” 
·         SDK and other third-party code that app developers often integrate in the app to facilitate advertising or analytics

What happens if you don’t follow or update your privacy policy?

While it’s normal for an app to ask permission to access third-party information on your phone, say for instance address book info, what data you collect is crucial. This is why app development companies are subjected to COPPA, a federal law that says you must obtain “verifiable parent consent” if children under 13 use your app.  Else, you can be fined.

It’s a Matter of Gaining Confidence

A recent survey found that 57 percent of all app users have either uninstalled an app over concerns about having to share their personal information. Meanwhile, there are crowd sourced policing tools in place now as such TOS, DR, Privacy Choice, etc to build confidence. Thanks to it as it establishes a level of trust with your user base that has positive effects on retention, and may even give you a competitive advantage.

To conclude, there are pretty compelling reasons to have a good privacy policy for your mobile applications. Besides being the fact that only big publisher can afford you can start with a free online template or a free privacy policy assembler and have a lawyer review it for a small fixed fee.

Monday, March 3, 2014

iOS 7 To Impact Enterprise Apps

There are plenty of new features that everyone talks about with any release of iOS, and the latest iOS 7 falls on the same line. It provides many opportunities to improve mobile app development for enterprises. And, here we are going to look at a few ones.


Initially released with iOS4, multitasking is a feature to deal with background tasks for three specific areas: locations services, VOIP and media playback. Any type of data can be sent in the middle of the night rather than doing synchronization when the application is first launched, thus saving the user much time.

What to Consider: While this feature opens up a lot of possibilities for enterprise customers it needs to be designed intelligently, so it doesn’t suck the battery dry.


Much like some of the apps on the App Store it gives us the ability to share data with those around us. Since it uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to share many more data types like a video or document no setup is required and all transfers are encrypted.


When you tap on a file, it gives you a list of apps you can use to open the file. With Open in Management feature, enterprises can now restrict which type of apps can open which type of documents so that accidentally sharing company documents on Facebook, via email, etc can be nullified.


At present the App Store Volume Purchase Program (VPP) uses redemption codes for distribution and deployment which is again a major flaw when an employee leaves the company. With iOS 7, even though apps are assigned to employees for use, ownership will remain with the company so that licenses can be revoked.

Everyone needs to start testing their current apps now as well as review their user interface to take full advantage of the new design. Contact Openwave for updating your iPhone apps for iOS 7. We are one of the best mobile app development companies in NYC. Our approach towards mobile is that it supports a line of business’ overall strategy, resulting in extraordinary returns.