Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Is Your Business Ready to Own a Mobile App?

Nowadays, the average user now spends 9 %more time using mobile applications than the internet. Whether you are running a restaurant, or an ecommerce store, or simply a blog and manage a DIY platform, you can grow your business just by adding an app to your model. Surprised? Wait for it.

In this post, we have discussed a few points that might really trigger to help you take the decision. So, here we go!!!

Where Does Your Business Stand?

People in the USA are spending more time on Smartphone’s than desktops. As you see, it is big time for marketers to start engaging with their stakeholders and they rely on smart apps. From business point of view, then needless to say, we must be targeting such users via these devices.

What does all this mean for your business? A survey says, “When asked, do you think that at least half the businesses in your industry must indulge mobile application development?” The response was amazing: 100% Yes. As such, mobile apps designed by businesses for internal use and competitive advantage will explode over time. This is why all business leaders need to ask themselves if their business has anything to do with creating mobile apps to transform business processes?

Definitely, the rise of mobile apps for all business functions is a hard trend you can’t ignore. So how to you give a core competitive advantage, rather than relying on off-the-shelf apps you and your competitors can get through various app stores? Well, a mobile application development company can answer that for you. Bear in mind, the companies that transform their business processes using mobility will achieve new levels of success. When? Not any mere future but the best time for business process transformation is NOW.

At Openwave, a mobile app development company, NYC, you can get all possible creative, engaging and intuitive apps for your business.  Our renowned strategy & planning team works alongside our world class branding and cap it all off. 

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