Thursday, May 29, 2014

How Do I Choose Between Native and Hybrid App Development?

Are you looking to invest in a mobile app for your company? The first odd would be the barrage of terminology. Say for instance, what are native and hybrid mobile apps? And which is most appropriate for your business?

In this article, we shall highlight the key points in choosing the right mobile application solution for your business needs. 

Native App

Native apps are ones built to work optimally with a particular Smartphone operating system, be it iOS (Apple), Android or Windows 8. Later, users get it downloaded in their respective device type from an app store. There are a lot of positives with native apps.

·         The Best Performance (esp. with UI concerns)
·         Full Access to Device/Platform/APIs
·         App Store Discoverability

The code is written for a specific device and tends to be most expensive-to-develop. If you wanted to see consistent revenue, this is the right choice. However, those looking to establish their brand must have a different choice, Hybrid App Development.

Hybrid App Development

A hybrid app is a native mobile app installed through an app store but is written primarily using HTML, CSS and JavaScript instead of using the native SDK. Since it utilizes many of the same skills necessary to create a mobile website, perhaps this is an attractive option for the web developers to leverage those skills immediately.

Why Does Building A Hybrid App Makes Sense?

There are many reasons why building a hybrid application makes sense.
Hybrid apps use the native SDK to wrap the web app making discovery and distribution easier for users. PhoneGap or Titanium App Development makes the process simpler, saving time. If you already have an existing web app or code base, building a hybrid app is typically faster than writing an app using the native SDK, and because of the ability to share code between platforms, significant time is saved through code reuse.

Still you aren’t sure of what to choose? Approach a mobile app development company, NYC like Openwave Computing LLC, who has experts working on both the nodes. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Top 5 Challenges in Enterprise App Development

Enterprises have been scrambling to develop a rigid mobile app for their employees and customers. However, creating a well designed one that functions perfectly involves a lot of complexities.

This post addresses to a few key challenges to be well aware of in mobile application development to help you reduce a lot of problems and optimize your company’s business objectives.

Where are we now?

Enterprise apps will be coming to a mobile device near you before long. Despite the widespread influx of 'BYO' tablets and Smartphone’s into enterprises in recent years, Windows applications still dominate the scene. It is no surprise to see solid enterprise categories: enterprise file sync and share, line-of-business apps, and collaboration tools also figuring prominently.

What Challenges are awaiting for Enterprise Mobility?

User Experience (UX)
Major challenge of mobile app development is user experience (UX). Without considering user interaction and behaviour, it makes the app unintuitive and cumbersome for the user. The net result is low adoption and usage. Developing an app that is functional, easy-to-navigate, and adaptable for different devices and operating systems go a long way towards ensuring an optimal user experience.


Since many mobile devices and operating systems are in use today, there is a large amount of fragmentation involved in mobile app development. This means testing an app on a variety of platforms is a challenge that developers must face. Plus, maintaining multiple versions of the same app leads to increased costs.

App Development Technology

While weighing the pros and cons of native or hybrid app development platforms, many enterprises fail to figure out the one that best suit their business needs. Consulting a professional Mobile App development Company can resolve this headache.


The constant updates of operating systems must assure a faster and smoother app development process than traditional platforms. Too long planning shouldn’t end up with an outdated launching.


Developers must consider security of the mobile app with liability and privacy issues in the name of protecting data. Being developed for organizations, every employee using enterprise mobile application need not be given access and control over their personal devices.
If you can track down these challenges, mobile application development is the most rewarding approach to raise your business.

Monday, May 26, 2014

How Do I Choose a Mobile App Category to Hit Profit Intact

These days’ people are finding themselves more and more in transit, mobile app development is nowhere an exception, can say.  Often subconsciously, many apps fail to make it. The difficulty is that there are many facets of mobile technology. And, the success behind any kind of mobile application development, be it Android or iOS, rests on the foundation of a solid idea, because “Idea is one which determines the ultimate potential of the execution”. Everything set... now, which category would you choose for your business app?

Confused? Have A Look On Below Data Before Making The Decision.

With mobile app world exploded with amazing gaming apps like subway surfers, temple run, angry birds, etc, 2013 became a year of games and social networking. Howbeit, 2014 brings a momentous change in app usage, say less attractive towards games and more appealing towards productivity and news apps.

So, what’s Up With Productivity Apps: Stats and Facts?

Who is engaging towards enterprise apps development?  Of course, right! It’s the people who wanted to lessen their work and make it easier to be done in minute. Meanwhile, the urge of creating one starts only when you become a problem solver. It has to solve the problems of users or must make their work easier to be done. Better yet, productivity apps can generate revenues by taking money from users for upgraded versions, in-app purchases, etc.

Secondly, the News Apps

Imagine your audience are reading news online and always dealing with various types of ads? You caught their attention, now. For ages, news has been the best source of advertisement and useful source for users. Can’t your business earn a good traffic of consumers through news apps? Give a thought!

To sum up, besides Messaging and Social Apps who are beating the prevailing competition, give your best shot to productivity and news while others work hard at beating out in other fields. Aren’t you sure that your apps can prove to be a great app? Then, proceed approaching a leading mobile app development company like Openwave Computing Services who offers creation of amazing apps at affordable prices.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Measure Your Business Revenue – Free Apps Vs Paid Apps

One of the largest parts of iPhone app marketing is the pricing strategy. The decision can be a tough one between free or paid. Back in 2010, with the rise of Smartphone market, the quantity of free apps exceeds the quantity of paid one. They try free apps and then take decision whether to pay for it or not.

If you are here to make money in iPhone app development, go through the post to understand the life cycle of the app and the marching strategies to business growth.

Number of Downloads

With the entrance of millions of antagonist in app development, number of paid apps goes down and number of free apps gone on a high rise. Even though quantity of paid apps was more than quantity of free apps, now with the many app developers on field quality driven apps are itself is downloaded double the time.

Revenue Generation

Don’t be amazed at the fact that free apps generate highest revenue as compared to paid apps. The former are great success for in-app purchases and in-app advertisers. Surprisingly, more businesses are switching to free apps after a thorough understanding to earn a lot from in-app purchases rather than paid apps. Plus, free apps are great source for advertising. Positive reviews have made about 70% more money on the day after launching.

The bottom line before dealing with any type of app development services is:

1.       App should have strong in-app purchase functionality
2.       A must monetization program beyond in-apps and cost of app (Playhaven, iAds, etc)
3.       User reviews are significant as much as price, especially at the time of launching

Looking to create to create a shopping application, or gaming application or entertainment app or social networking sites service, or movie making application, educational app, time management apps, online diary apps and much more? Talk to a reputed mobile app development company, one such Openwave computing LLC, NYC and get noticed easily. 

Social Networking Apps for IPhone – Demand of Today’s Mobile Market

This generation is so captivated to have everything on hand and that too even on the move. Social networking is fast becoming the essence of our lives and almost 90% of use communicates on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Apple’s sheer innovation has come up with, but the excellence with which it has executed all the novelties is remarkable. Starting from the sleek and sophisticated design, flawless operating system and the overall feel-good factor of an Apple device is unparalleled.

This is the reason why the demand for iPhone app development for social networking sites has increased manifold in the last few years.

IPhone App Development for Social Networking – A Great Start!

IPhone app development for social networking sites is not just about reaching out to your friends and chatting with them online. For business owners or planning to start off one, it is a one-stop point where you can meet like minded people without making any major effort.

There are many other benefits that follow.

·         Want to increase or market your business? Simply post your business information on these sites by integrating apps through iPhone app development on your iPhone. Coupled with the mobility and ability of the iPhone, you can imagine the possibilities.
·         Plus, you can be anywhere and still do important business interactions with the delegates through various kinds of social networking sites developed via iPhone app development services. Especially, these sites are known for providing a platform to meet people, increase your online reach and networking.

Another major impact of the phenomenal success of iOS is the creativity, can say. You have an idea. Great! Approach an iPhone app developer to convert it into an application. But then in order to hire one, approach a legitimate iPhone app development company, convey your idea and if they agree to work it out at an affordable price, Viola! Your application is ready. And not to forget, outsourcing the project has its own benefits, be it with respect to cost/ time.

Openwave is creating waves in this domain and has excelled their expertise in iPhone Apps Programming. Our team of experts are equipped with various frameworks and methodologies and we are excelling our services in a direct proportion with that.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Increase Mobile App Download through SEO

Mobile Apps Are Big Business! Even web developers agree to apps being touted more popular than the Internet. However, marketing mobile apps is an entrepreneurial endeavour that includes marketing a website, a landing page, a blog, or any other web property.

One of the most crucial elements of your overall online marketing strategies is SEO. This post explains on how it helps a mobile app development company towards “Featured”, “Popular & New” sections of Apple App store or Google Play.

Create Videos for Apps

Well, Followed by Google, YouTube operates as the second largest search engine. At least 71% of Americans online use video sharing sites in this. Means, SEO plays a great role in creating videos in developing for android/ iPhone (app-based, feature showcase or even an animated video) is a must.

Stick To the Basics

A simplistic yet focused website helps you promote your mobile app with a blog thrown in for good measure. When linking an important WebPages to your app download page (Apple App Store or Android App Stores), SEO’s use anchor text as “App Name + Brand Name” clearly. Plus, usages of “Download our iPhone/iPad App”, “Download our Android App” are not recommended because these generic links with common anchor text.

Review Sites, Bloggers, and Magazines

Depending on the platform you created your app for (iOS, Android, or Windows), reach out to websites and bloggers who publish reviews on respective niches. It’s easier to reach out to these websites and bloggers to have them publish posts about your app. Since these blogs are already well indexed for mobile app searches, you gain valuable link juice to start with.

To conclude, even while you concentrate on iPhone application design or making android apps make sure the overall mobile app marketing strategy uses a judicious mix of SEM, SEO, social media, video, podcasts, and other online methods. And next time you plan a project, do check the mobile application development company profile for SEO support.

From augmented reality, 3D gaming to reduced power consumption and powerful multi-tasking apps, Openwave Computing LLC help you tackle your toughest app development challenges while defining next generation mobile communications and SEO. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Demanded Features to Build a Secure Mobile Payments App

Emerging demand of apps made the development task more complex to perform, especially affecting flexibility and quality. To encounter this part, mobile payment gateway app came in to provide retailers the option to charge their customer anywhere and anytime. However, it can meet with some failures if not met security constraints consequently flapping to harm the name of brand and breaking trust among customers.

With more of mobile application development options available, listed below are some effective tools that help you develop a successful and secure mobile payment application.

Open Source

This is one of the latest trends in mobile app development and comes with a great number of benefits, especially a popular technology in terms of security. It features building blocks for your mobile payment applications so as to reduce both your efforts and cost.

Embed Security

Till 2013, only fewer entrepreneurs were making the use of mobile apps for payments which influenced consumers on the negative end.  But then, mobile app developers in financial sectors started making use of embedding security in their software development process through which hackers are masters in accessing any of the data through mobile apps of users.

 Embed security is a compulsory to use for mobile payment apps as it entrust users for their secured data.

Test Management

This feature mainly concentrates on the concept of quality assurance and testing process in mobile applications. Mobile payments apps are quite sensitive in some metrics and therefore require some extra care during testing process.

Agile Development:

Agile development is the most flexible and dynamic approach when developing for android app. While promising extended security, it is a group of software development methods that deliver prompt approach for protection against risky outcomes.

To conclude, all these tools and techniques are majorly followed in finance sectors and ecommerce store where mobile payment apps have a great deal of it. Be it for Android or iPhone; approach a mobile app development company, NYC that promises 100% security followed by invades app design and features.