Thursday, May 29, 2014

How Do I Choose Between Native and Hybrid App Development?

Are you looking to invest in a mobile app for your company? The first odd would be the barrage of terminology. Say for instance, what are native and hybrid mobile apps? And which is most appropriate for your business?

In this article, we shall highlight the key points in choosing the right mobile application solution for your business needs. 

Native App

Native apps are ones built to work optimally with a particular Smartphone operating system, be it iOS (Apple), Android or Windows 8. Later, users get it downloaded in their respective device type from an app store. There are a lot of positives with native apps.

·         The Best Performance (esp. with UI concerns)
·         Full Access to Device/Platform/APIs
·         App Store Discoverability

The code is written for a specific device and tends to be most expensive-to-develop. If you wanted to see consistent revenue, this is the right choice. However, those looking to establish their brand must have a different choice, Hybrid App Development.

Hybrid App Development

A hybrid app is a native mobile app installed through an app store but is written primarily using HTML, CSS and JavaScript instead of using the native SDK. Since it utilizes many of the same skills necessary to create a mobile website, perhaps this is an attractive option for the web developers to leverage those skills immediately.

Why Does Building A Hybrid App Makes Sense?

There are many reasons why building a hybrid application makes sense.
Hybrid apps use the native SDK to wrap the web app making discovery and distribution easier for users. PhoneGap or Titanium App Development makes the process simpler, saving time. If you already have an existing web app or code base, building a hybrid app is typically faster than writing an app using the native SDK, and because of the ability to share code between platforms, significant time is saved through code reuse.

Still you aren’t sure of what to choose? Approach a mobile app development company, NYC like Openwave Computing LLC, who has experts working on both the nodes. 

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