Saturday, May 10, 2014

Increase Mobile App Download through SEO

Mobile Apps Are Big Business! Even web developers agree to apps being touted more popular than the Internet. However, marketing mobile apps is an entrepreneurial endeavour that includes marketing a website, a landing page, a blog, or any other web property.

One of the most crucial elements of your overall online marketing strategies is SEO. This post explains on how it helps a mobile app development company towards “Featured”, “Popular & New” sections of Apple App store or Google Play.

Create Videos for Apps

Well, Followed by Google, YouTube operates as the second largest search engine. At least 71% of Americans online use video sharing sites in this. Means, SEO plays a great role in creating videos in developing for android/ iPhone (app-based, feature showcase or even an animated video) is a must.

Stick To the Basics

A simplistic yet focused website helps you promote your mobile app with a blog thrown in for good measure. When linking an important WebPages to your app download page (Apple App Store or Android App Stores), SEO’s use anchor text as “App Name + Brand Name” clearly. Plus, usages of “Download our iPhone/iPad App”, “Download our Android App” are not recommended because these generic links with common anchor text.

Review Sites, Bloggers, and Magazines

Depending on the platform you created your app for (iOS, Android, or Windows), reach out to websites and bloggers who publish reviews on respective niches. It’s easier to reach out to these websites and bloggers to have them publish posts about your app. Since these blogs are already well indexed for mobile app searches, you gain valuable link juice to start with.

To conclude, even while you concentrate on iPhone application design or making android apps make sure the overall mobile app marketing strategy uses a judicious mix of SEM, SEO, social media, video, podcasts, and other online methods. And next time you plan a project, do check the mobile application development company profile for SEO support.

From augmented reality, 3D gaming to reduced power consumption and powerful multi-tasking apps, Openwave Computing LLC help you tackle your toughest app development challenges while defining next generation mobile communications and SEO. 


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