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Ultimate App Marketing Strategies for both IOS & Android

Today, every app businesses and even developers would want to learn the mediums & methods to market their iOS & android app. Why not? Currently, the app market has given enough reasons to start working upon the app marketing strategies just when they come up with a strong idea and secondly, when developing their app.

To begin with, let’s have an overview of the mobile app market statistics and the app market future

·         The apple’s app store is about to hit 1 million apps so you can wonder on the total number of android apps in the market.

·         According to recent studies, the predicted future statistics say downloads will continue to grow to exceeding 200 billion by the end of 2017, and revenues will reach 63.5 billion US dollars.

Knowing which, let’s discuss on various methods that can come in handy for marketing an iOS or Android app.

App Website for a Complete Presentation:

As app website tends to be a complete presentation of your app, its very motive is to grab attention thereby trigger downloads. And, the best part is that a website dedicated to your app does that effortlessly. It showcases your app name and icon, an app pitch for your app, app badges so that it is easier for the visitors to download the app, displays compatible phones and also a promotional video that communicates quick visual information and so on.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

ASO has recently embarked in the app marketing world. Now the question is what does ASO do to your app? It is a systematic procedure that simply assists in strengthening your app marketing strategy in the best possible way. As in like improving app name, writing precise app description, deploying unique screenshots and thumbnails that easily grabs users’ attention, and localizing every feature of the app, and many more. This gives better app visibility on the app store eventually a substantial number of downloads, as well.

Media Coverage:

Needless to say conducting typical PR activities including precisely drafting press releases, and having an established relationship with relevant bloggers and journalists who can offer a genuine readership for reviewing the app can allows you to reach out to a large number of genuine target audience of your app.

 Mobile App Advertising:

This is one great marketing platform for your app and it can be carried out through Ad Networks. From simple banner ads to video ads and rich interactive ads that appear in the apps and mobile sites- all these favours advertisers and monetization services to the developers.

As a bottom line, getting noticed on the Google Play and App Store is getting tougher day by day. This is when a proficient app marketing agency comes into play in order to witness the success of your app!

4 Best Practices to Successfully Launch and Monetize a New App

In the past 5 years, the app economy has grown exponentially seeking new methods to improve their app monetization. Say for instance, back in January 2012, only 46% of revenue was generated from in-app purchases but this January 2014 has showed a revenue share boomed to 79%. Which means generating significant revenue simply having a great idea is no longer good enough. Success needs a comprehensive strategy.

Here are four mobile app monetization tips to help you on your way.

User-Centric App

Yes, obviously you need a large user base to bring in enough revenue.

Even though you have the best idea in the world, it can’t profit you unless users like it. From colour choice and button size to screen layout and navigation- it is important to think through every choice and use extensive testing to see how a broad audience responds to the interface. This is one of the assured ways your mobile app monetization efforts are not wasted.

A Thin Line between Uniqueness

This thought is something in common that you need to do something that no one else has ever done.
But let’s be honest. This doesn’t work. Look at the most successful new products, programs, or apps, are innovations and all these aren’t de-novo inventions. Yes, creating something completely unique is exciting, but do you think users are patient enough to learn how to use it and waste time on one app when they have a pretty much choices out there.

So, here the success formula is instead of reinventing the wheel, take something people like and turn it into something they love.

Know Your Distribution Channels

Today, there are endless ways to expose potential users to your app, starting from PR and ”buying users” to social media and word of mouth but understanding the mobile app monetization ecosystem is very important.
Some best practices to improve your discoverability are: knowing how much a potential user is worth, the time you utilize to bring in new users, and how to turn current users into brand ambassadors.

Analyze, Research and Optimize

Measuring what really makes your app work helps you improve in areas that need some extra attention, say ultimately its user satisfaction and user engagement.

Besides, keep an eye on market trends that includes where downloads and revenues are flowing, in which app stores and countries. This is why you require to work with a monetization partner who can provides you with top quality analytics so you can understand which ad formats, creative, etc. works and then optimize for maximum revenue.

Since it’s not a one-size-fits-all method, remember app monetization strategies require experimentation.  

Will IOS 8 Be a Positive Sign to Mobile Enterprise Computing? Check What Experts Say

Apple very recently launched iOS8 at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) for both iPhone and iPad. While the launch is directed at keeping app developers happy, it even assures the leading game providers to bring console-class 3D games to mobile devices, for the first time.

What firing in the board of the IT community right now is the “enterprise” feature list of new versions of iOS. This article shall help you look at the impact of iOS 8 on their mobile strategies.

Handling Privacy in a Healthkit World

iOS 8 introduced HealthKit and HomeKit- the two new tools to enable health and home automation experiences. Unlike the previous consumer health app telling how many calories each burn/ blood-pressure tracker or diabetes manager- employees will be able to use personal apps enabled by HealthKit, HomeKit, Apple Pay, and other future services on their corporate devices.

Recommended, revisit your approach to privacy policy, process, and communication. Also, in order to protecting life-critical workflows and personal data move to a model of selective management and selective wipe to secure enterprise data.

Biometrics Ready for Prime Time

With respect to biometrics, back in 2013 the iPhone 5s first introduced with the fingerprint recognition technology of Touch ID allowing users to unlock their phones or conduct iTunes transactions without typing their passwords.

Enterprises made use of these to simplify the user authentication experience by allowing Touch ID to unlock a device while still having a strong password as a backup. So that it increases the strength of iOS secondary encryption.

Securing Fluid Data

With iOS 8’s new features like Handoff and app extensions, the ability to deliver workflow-based apps that enables data becoming fluid and easily available across devices and apps.

How is it beneficial? Enterprise app developers can create more fluid and interactive apps turning into a productive mobile workflow for the end user. This isn’t. Providing the guardrails for enterprise developers to use these features effectively will help from corporate data to suddenly appear on unmanaged devices or in unauthorized apps.

Summing up, iOS 8 will kick off new innovations in mobileapp development with far-ranging implications for privacy, app design, and data security in the enterprise that benefit greatly from those that struggle to catch up.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How Apple Watch Can Potentially Impact Gaming Apps

Gaming might seem an obvious vertical for wearable due to the small screen size but who can miss the fun part of it? When the Apple Watch was announced, expanding communication, health tracking, navigation and more started to the main objective undoubtedly a signal to uptick in appdevelopment.

Here are some of the best brainstormed all-possible ideas for game creators that would work within the hardware's restrictions.

Save Time and Energy

In general, a freemium game works by asking for your time instead of putting in money.  Since you have to constantly check in, or risk missing the benefit of your newly generated energy critical for completing tasks, these games allow a certain number of actions as in like must wait for their energy to replenish or purchase more.

For those, Apple Watch will turn out to be a quick way to interface with game and save time.

Creativity- Gamification of Your Activity

With the robust fitness tracking on the Apple Watch, you can experience a new life. Exercising toward a goal or purpose tracked in a game is more creative than just adding points to a number.

Aside from this, if running with Apple Watch unlocking new worlds to explore in a game, then it could be more motivational. How about climbing more stairs than your friends meant your virtual army was able to overtake theirs? Cool, isn’t it?

Digital Crown to Help Scrolling and Zooming

As Apple's team demonstrated a touch screen causes a lot of difficulties on a watch face because your fingers obscure your view. This is when digital crown came in which utilizes the crown's rotation for activities. 

A simple with one-touch control! As long as the mechanics are simple, games can be picked up and put away during downtime is an obvious one.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Why Focusing On IOS Is Better Than Android in the Long Run

The decision to quit Android development may seem counterintuitive but rumours goes on to say, Android is no longer an option for our team of developers. Plus, the overall Android market share close to 85% can prove to be self-destructive.

This blog post will hopefully show you most the mobile app companies out there who try to satisfy as large a variety of clients focusing on iOS is better in the long term.

The Necessary Testing Skills

As a matter of fact, code needs to be tested on as many devices as possible in order to be effective. And one recent study found that the platform presents more of a QA testing challenge than iOS does and that come in 4 screen resolutions.

So, you know why enterprises in the US mostly prefer to test their apps on iOS devices.

Cheaper Codes Due To Its General Accessibility

This is a well-known rumour. Apple is well-known for its overall costly perception whereas Android, on the other hand, would presumably be much cheaper to code due to its general accessibility. The harsh reality for businesses is that the development cost for Android is more than iOS.

And from the developer’s side, in case you don’t have the whole range of devices needed for properly testing your app, you need to work on the Android emulator which can be disappointing. Meanwhile you will be better off testing iOS apps.

The 14000 types of Android devices Makes Fragmentation Harder

When developing an iOS app, we need to ensure that all 4 screen resolutions are taken into account. Whereas in Android, the things look a little more complicated. Development for such a wide range of devices doesn’t come in handy regardless to having or not having an emulator.

There are a few developers rejoicing how their app will eventually reach billions of Android devices worldwide. Considering the hard part, if the app is incapable to work properly on all destination devices people will eventually stop using it.

For all of these reasons, although most people tend to compare the Android market share to the iOS without looking into the specifics, in the US at least, close to 40% of smartphone users own an iPhone.

How to Create A Buzz on App Promotions to Increase ROI

Many a times, Apple has shown that no one can beat them when it comes to launching highly advanced and feature-rich smartphone, say iPhone 6. With that in mind, businesses as well as individuals are approaching for the iPhone app development to get their & deeds fulfilled by the professionals.

The strategy to measure app success is simple. “More the number of downloads means more the number of satisfied customers”. Here’re the things that can help you achieve potential customers to download your app.

Viral isn’t a marketing strategy but requires passing these four tests:

·         Have something valuable to share.

·         Must be easy of use and share among friends.

·         Must reward users for sharing and offer them incentives to come back.

·         More the number of users, more the value it creates

A Compelling App Description

This not only enhances user-engagement to your application but a clear app title and description explore the core functions of your iPhone app to the end user. Bear in mind to avoid using the name of the popular or existing apps.

Go Get the Sponsorship

Once you submit your iPhone application to the iTunesStore, it is imperative to get the sponsorship. Though it is quite tedious you should try as it would help you smoother all your financial constraints related with the marketing or promotion of your application.

Create a Dedicated Website for Your App

Next, it is time for you to create a dedicated website for your iPhone venture in order to aware users about your application and help them get all the desired information on the go. To make it a big hit, incorporating videos, audios, screenshots and more shall help you.

Above mentioned techniques are sure to give a great exposure to your iPhone app development venture. Are there any ideas to promote better while increasing the number of downloads? Share your ideas.

Small Businesses Are Missing On Apps Development- How to Overcome

If you’re the owner of a small business, well- yes your main focus would be on transactions, awareness and marketing with soaring smartphone and tablet sales. Instead, seeking to enhance personal relationships with customers online, and strengthen bonds help they excel in every vertical.

The daily App Store downloads primarily uptrend to 93% of users who spend on gaming apps, another 87 percent on entertainment apps, and a further 84 percent on productivity apps. To pursue an app from the ground up, first and foremost you need to be in sync with your customers, their devices and app needs. And, when the question ‘how easy is it to develop an app’ arise, there are many factors that come in line: complexity, niche, proposed functionality, and whether you opt for a DIY mechanism or rope in skilled development support.

Here are a few suggestions to experiment with:

·         Social media connections very authentic that connect with your business will help against ignoring people that reach out.

·         Improve your visibility at community events online.

·         Expertise in the nuts and bolts of designing, functionality, coding, testing and debugging are the priorities which can be outsourced or hired.

·         Promotional contents that involve interaction with your social media accounts.

·         Create a website for your app that humanize your business.

Opportunities online don’t have to involve a lot of technical expertise but often approaching customer centric app development metrics bring the success that you use offline and customers will feel right at home.

Before committing to the development project the advantages of hiring/outsourcing development talent should be thought through in the whole gamut of mobile activities. Set the reward ahead of time which will help you stay motivated to achieve those goals.

How Businesses Look Into IOS 8 for Application Development

The latest iteration of Mac OS has said to be as the world’s most advanced operating system letting users to easily control their devices. In order to provide a completely natural experience, it has unleashed a host of features for the app developers to take advantage- the new keyboard options, sharing content and new iCloud features.

Several of its new features focus on expanding the abilities of third-party apps. Say for instance, Included in the iPhone 5s and the new iPhone 6 models, developers can now use the Touch ID fingerprint sensor to authenticate users. Here, let’s take a trip round all what’s leveraging the businesses in app development.

Health and HealthKit To Better Tracking

As the Apple wanting to help users better keep track of fitness and health, the company has encountered some HealthKit issues which prompted it to remove apps using HealthKit from the App Store until a fix is found.  Also, the activity tracker can monitor your pulse providing you with a holistic experience.

iCloud Drive To Save Files Easily

Similar to Google Drive, iCloud Drive is available to all iOS 8 that you won’t be able to really take advantage of it when it comes to transferring files or syncing some apps that rely on iCloud functionality.

Apple Pay for Ecommerce

One of the most important aspects in iOS 8 is the Apple Pay- the new mobile payment solution where users can save credit cards in Passbook to make online shopping experience a breeze. Available for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus at first, other iPhones will join in 2015 once the Apple Watch launches.

The iPhone and Apple Watch payment solution seems awfully easy to use focussing majorly on shopping privacy and financial security in addition to stupid-simple functionality.

Productivity Apps for Employees

Apps like Evernote allow premium users to use Touch ID instead of a passcode when securing their accounts. The scanning app let you protect scanned documents with Touch ID. Also, the event discovery app uses Touch ID for purchase authorization.

Summing up, iOS 8 brings great opportunities for developers as well as businesses. Take advantage of the iCloud features, touch ID and bold features for games development, too. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What’s Currently Influencing a Million Developers to Register with Apple

To name’s the beautifully designed iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus- the two newest editions for this year, 2014. These are thinner and hosting a myriad of features as in faster processor and faster payment made possible with Apple Pay. Apple has already mapped out exactly how its retail stores will handle the launch. are all their new features and the release of the iOS 8 has really influenced million Mobile App developers to register with Apple?

Taller When Compared To Its Predecessors

The main noticeable aspects of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is its screen size. The former one stands tall compared to its predecessors at 4.7 inches, whilst the latter is at 5.5 inches. Also upgraded, its display is referred to as Retina HD with a 326ppi density and 750 x 1334 pixels resolution for the iPhone 6 and 1080 x 1920 pixels resolution for the iPhone 6 Plus.

Game Developers Are Loving This

Can the new iPhones impact the gaming industry? Yes. Very positively! Though most developers are concerned about the size of the new screens, they need not be.  Thanks to the iOS 8 platform that doesn’t require any need to redo your apps to match the size of the new screens even if X-code allows apps to adjust to various sizes.

Additionally, Apple is introducing Metal in iOS 8 that allows developers to get “closer to the metal” when coding thus eliminating many performance blocks found in traditional graphics APIs. Besides, the 64-bit A8 processor has a 25% speed boost and a 50% increase in graphics performance which is quite a substantial amount.

Groundbreaking App Extensions

With Apple’s new operating system feature, it is easy to connecting via Bluetooth to the platform to track health data or rather app extensions. These, while allowing third-party application to talk and work with each other let developers to build apps for wearable devices that are linked with the healthkit platform.

There are many such new features developers can take advantage of and expecting to see many of them producing game-changing apps.  

Do You Know the Rules to Hire a Typical Healthcare App Developer?

In today’s date, millions of money is being invested in the development of innovative concepts or prototypes using digital technology to improve patient care and health services. App development is only a key to new world, can say.

The U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee Subcommittee on Communications & Technology drives force in the development of mobile health apps. A few relevant projects are healthier living or a digital solution that supports the arrangement of care for someone with complex requirements that needs to access multiple services.

Who Is A Typical Mobile App Developer?

Approximately there are about 27,000 unique health apps available for consumers and healthcare professionals in Apple store. However, the open market bangs a big concern: how credible are the apps I am using? This is why hiring an app developers specifically trained in healthcare industry is important.

Unlike other aspects of the healthcare marketplace, actually there is a fewer or no such barrier to entry into the health app market. Anyone with an idea and programming skills can build your mobile health app. A few qualities you can expect from mobile app developers are as follows,

ü  Qualified candidates should be eager to provide you with a list of apps they are personally responsible for creating in Apple's iOS App Store, BlackBerry AppWorld or Google Play.

ü  Does your app developer prefer to chat in person or via phone/ skype...and how often? Communicating app design and functionality requirements decides how well the app is going to come up.

ü  Without truly innovative and useful features, apps don’t grab consumers' attention. Is your candidate capable?

ü  Is your app developer ready to sign a written "copyright assignment" or "work made for hire" contract?

ü  The last step is that the developers need to submit it to an app store for approval to be sold there. It is of course a long, multi-step process that he/she should already know how to successfully navigate.

If you really want to start an app business, probably hire a team within budget rather than approaching freelancers. 

Apple’s New Mobile Payment System- a Turing Point in Every business

According to the IDC, Apple’s influential niche this year shows an 11.7% share of the smartphone market slightly down on the 13% of the previous year. It’s true that Android still dominates the smartphone market with an 84.7% market share. However, Apple continues to innovate and shift volumes at the top end of the smartphone market to trickle down to those looking for a cheaper gateway to Apple’s ecosystem.

Been receiving global headlines and reams of analysis from a press, Apple has introduced today a brand new mobile payments system called Apple Pay- a new accretion in app development, can say. Why not? This technology is expected to overtake credit cards as a predominant payments medium, marking a brand new day for business owners across the globe.

So, How Does Apple Pay Works

 Apple Pay is shipping with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, as well as the forthcoming Apple Watch and compatible with 5th generation iPhones too. A Near field communication (NFC) chip is included which coupled with TouchID can move to take a bite out of the mobile payments market. It will support American Express, MasterCard and Visa credit cards via more than 800 million iTunes accounts.

Now, Apple has a secure and controlled architecture in iOS and that TouchID fingerprint scanner offers an innovative authentication process. But how do we convince customers that they won’t be left out of pocket if and when transactions are compromised? One of the big aspects in Apple Pay is that each purchase utilizes a uniquely generated, one-time code instead of using names or credit card information at checkout.

But will customers be convinced of the ease of use to finally ditch their physical wallet in favour of an iDevice? Time shall decide. Have an idea and interested to create an iphone/ipad app for your business? This is the right time to approach a professional. 

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Do Your App Developers Ensure a Better Mobile Security?

The mobile industry is booming as individual app developers and companies keep busy developing apps for multiple devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry. However, mobile devices are getting tricky as mobile security is a constant concern.

What aspects do they need to know about designing a mobile app in a way that it would give the end-user the maximum amount of protection online?

Developing Software for Mobile Devices Is Way Too Risky

Mobile apps are vulnerable to external attack and can be jail broken at point of time, especially with devices such as Android and the iPhone. This gives way for experienced hackers to access the source code thus enabling him to change and redevelop the whole mobile app itself.

Requires Constant Interaction with Internal Servers

As a matter of fact, mobile apps are always connected to the internal server. Despite this being good for the end-user, it is equally not so safe since an experienced hacker can easily get access to this internal server. This calls manufacturers to over look into the hardware part of mobile security features and developers can extent how much they want their mobile app to interact with the internal server, accordingly.

Sensitive Client Data Shouldn’t Be Disclosed After Session Expiry

There is only one way to protect a client’s sensitive smartphone data? Develop a particular code that will erase the private data as soon as his or her browsing session-expires saying no to potential mobile security hazard. Developers have to constantly watch over their mobile OS or mobile app and keep checking the system for errors, so as to minimize chances of security breaches.

As a bottom line, as mobile technology and mobile security techniques keep advancing, there are hackers developing better and more foolproof techniques. Handling the thousands out there is difficult whereas hiring a professional app developer minimize the chances of security reaches.

Can You Invest on Developing an Iphone App? The Harsh Realities

There’s no getting around it. The mobile industry has revolutionized the world of retail, entertainment, and business. This has in turn leveraged app development more positively than ever before. With the concept of cross-platform apps getting more popular, no wonder this field has become a veritable treasure-trove for the developer to make a decent sum of money every month.

In this article, we shall see if you will get a reasonable return on investment once the app is released?

Statistical Report on New Apps Category

Whether it’s Top Apps Paid, Free or category section, according to experts in USA an app should make 13,000 download daily to be in Top 100 Free Apps for iPhone. The most competitive categories in are:  Games- 5,617, Education- 1,168 and Business- 3,091.

Apart from these, other categories varies from approximately 3,000-1,000 (Travel, Lifestyle, Utilities, Sports, Health) to 900-800 (Music, Food, Photography).

Choose the App Store Category Wisely- Increase the Revenue

If you wise, you’ll know to avoid the obvious most popular category that has millions of thousand of similar apps. Instead, decrease your competition and have a better chance to get to App Store Charts picking a category only because of its size.

The best way to get your app noticed is to place it into a category where most users will look through in Google/ Apple Store. Take a good look at potential competitors and how well are they doing in those categories. One last piece of advice is, sometimes after releasing you might want to develop something quite different but leaving a half-baked app behind spoils your company’s reputation. Be passionate about any app of yours and continue to maintain it in the long run.

Releasing an app doesn’t mean leaving it alone and waiting for whatever happens but with good tools, knowledge, and sanity checks- you make a big difference.  Thus making customers happy and building strong relationship with them built on trust and satisfaction.

5 Important Aspects to consider When Building a App Development Team

Despite many times Mobile is the only under-hyped for techs, an overheating iOS app ecosystem hamstrung by distribution challenges makes for a tough game.  If you have already to chosen to develop mobile apps, it’s vital to opt for the right direction and the right team.

Considering these aspects, here we bring a few ways to build an efficient mobile team to take your company to the very heights of success in your field.

1.       Hiring Experienced Workforce

Experts who are good in the field of mobile development but lack experience in dealing with the mobile consumer industry serves to be the BAD choice.  Whereas, the experienced ones not only develop handset design but add more features to an existing app and so on when developing for a client or company.

2.       Start with the Most Popular Mobile Platforms

Platform that is being adopted by popular apps will attract a larger audience. Android and the iOS are the leading platforms right now so develop your app for them first. Aside from these, Appcelerator has some prediction as to which apps will rise or decline by end of 2014. Developing a consumer app for multiple platforms will give you much additional exposure in the market.

3.       Hype on Choosing the App Category

The most focussed categories as on date are: Business (20.3%), Finance (8.2%), Education (8.1%), Medical (8%), Productivity (7.8%) and Mobile Money (6.6%).

4.       Hire All-Rounders

Hiring developers who specialize in one program or another will be good only for that department. Instead, those whose are versatile over developing for a variety of devices and platforms will fit into multiple teams and be able to offer creative solutions for every problem.

5.       Rethink on Mobile Carrier Marketing and Brand Marketing

Your central focus has to be your consumer rather than mobile carriers or handset brands. Another issue in partnering with carriers and brands is that they will tend to have their own ideas about marketing your product which perhaps won’t line with your company’s vision.

While developing your app, keep pushing your mobile development team to think of better ideas and better ways to serve consumers as a whole.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Building Your App Empire? How to Tackle the Ongoing Issue of Mitigating Risk

“Should I flip apps? - have you heard this ongoing statement? People who have started the process and see the amount of unknowns when trying to build an app and are just looking for the best possible way to use their time and energy.

This post shall give you all some new perspective on how to tackle the ongoing issue of mitigating risk and maximizing profit potential.

Turn Your Idea Into A Live App

You have an idea- you hire a developer this is the most basic and most popular form of app development.
Advantages that follow are:

·         Help you develop anything you want, exactly how you want it. Moving the needle forward, you get control over everything and create something innovative.

·         Not only do you build an app, but submit a patent and maybe even a trademark to have the full rights to that technology.

The only drawback is that since your app is brand new, you don’t know the ways to keep that to a minimum (planning, strategy, partners, etc).

App Emulation And App Cloning

If you wanted to get into the market that blends the custom solution, do a research, build an app that’s very similar to a popular one to fill that opportunity.

Advantages that follow are:

·         A developer can clone an app, especially when you know what you want the changes to be. A simple app can be cloned in a matter of weeks and can spend your time on the testing and iPhone app publishing before launching.

·         Spinning a project as a clone is cost effective saving 50% on an outsourcing website because developers know the amount of time invested can be streamlined by the example app.

Flipping The Apps And Let Them Accelerate

To be an app person, flipping apps means that you license source code from a game or app, re-design it before publishing under your own wing. Building a custom app is about getting new searches and downloads.

When you buy some source code which is fully functioning, instead of spending time on creating new functions and development, switch out the graphics, icon, and splash screen-the app is ready for upload to Apple.

These methods are ofcourse widely successful and all you need to do is to choose ONE. 

The Most Widely Used Camera Apps for Iphone

Capturing better photographs using an iPhone app while making your phone behave more like a traditional camera. These apps feature photo editing tools featuring on picture-taking capabilities and photo-sharing options.

Every iPhone camera app on the market combines quick access to useful features with an easy to understand interface. Here are a few photos editing app roundup for top post-processing apps.

Trending iPhone Camera Apps 2014- An OverView

Camera+, from a best-seller with multiple shooting modes

Known as the top-selling camera app for the iPhone, its clean, well-designed interface offers a greater exposure control than Apple's AAPL -0.35% built-in camera app. Also, there’s an onscreen exposure compensation slider which helps in brightness adjustment before you press the shutter button.

VSCO Cam, Known for Its Minimalist Design 

Post developing this apps, it has won a devoted following among mobile photography enthusiasts. One notable feature of VSCO Cam app is that it lets you shoot with an Instagram-friendly square format framing guide. Not only it captures the camera’s full sensor output but allows you to re-adjust a square crop to your satisfaction after the fact.

Pro Camera 7- A Geek-Worthy Camera Controls Plus HD Video

ProCamera has always led the pack with its wide range of geek-worthy options and functionality. Redesigned from the ground up to take advantage of IOS 7 the immediate result is a more streamlined interface and a much more logical tool layout. Shutter speed and ISO values can be displayed in real time and the app offers a live histogram display so you can objectively evaluate scene brightness.

Pro HDR, HDR with Manual Control

Take multiple exposures in high contrast scenes and merge them seamlessly into a single image with a well-defined highlight and shadow detail on your iphone. After taking both pictures the app blends them into a single composite image. The composite image will have slightly reduced pixel dimensions because the app must align multiple images.

If your purpose is pure entertainment with little redeeming social value, then you're sure to find it in these apps.

How Much On an Average Can We Make Money Selling Free Apps?

In business we don’t just develop app for fun but to show off your business expertise, and make money eventually. Ever since the record of app development one of the widely disregarded topic – how do free apps make money?

Let’s talk about the ways you can make money when your app is free.

1. The Freemium Upsell

Having a second version of your app that’s paid, be it as the “Lite” and “Regular” or “HD” versions of an app, paired together. When the user clicks on the free app link it drives them to the iTunes store on their phone.

Initially, users can download your free app and get a sense of what you have to offer after which the full version could be purchased which will have lots more functionality and game play.

2. In-App Purchases

In-app purchases allow users to unlock features or purchase more as in like get coins. When you build an app, either you should set IAP (in-app purchases) to be a onetime purchase or an ongoing option like purchasing 20 coins for $0.99. Such apps have already drove millions of dollars in sales, even though it was free.

3. CPI Networks (Cost per Install)

Relatively a new marketing mechanism, CPI is the mobile equivalent to CPA (cost per acquisition) in the web marketing world. It is most often seen as a “pop-up” in games and apps through which prompting to “Get It Now.”

This actually works out to be a better deal than most developers report on advertising networks. In precise, it is directly proportional to the number of downloads and grows as your user base grows.

4. Mobile Advertising:

After reaching $31.5 Billion this 2014, many mobile ad companies have sprouted with various revenue models.  It can be used in conjunction with apps that have in-app purchase and consequently allowing a free app to generate revenue even if the user doesn't make any in-app purchases.

The bottom line is the two ad networks are i Ads and Ad-mob – the first being Apple and the second being Google but requires a sizable amount of traffic to make it worth your while.

Modern Health Care Apps To Reduce Readmissions In Hospitals

Addressing to various shortcomings in healthcare delivery, mobile technology to impact outcomes in chronic disease management, care coordination and population health. Mobile health applications like Text4baby can give patients extremely easy access to health information, as in like health messages to pregnant women, or women with an infant less than one year old.

The mobile health market reached over $718 million in the United States alone which means beneficial applications already created and in use by the healthcare industry. So, what’s now?

The Problem of Readmissions

One of the widely tapped areas in mobile health market is the widespread issue of preventable readmissions. Not only that it cost so high but with new CMS regulations like the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program and the proposed Hospital Value-Based Purchasing program- hospitals are facing a lot of issues. It is believed that high levels of preventable readmission rates could lose a portion of federal payments. On the other hand, many patients miss what is communicated during the discharge process the likelihood of mistakes increases.

How Mobile Apps Can Be a Potential Solution

Smartphones like Android and the iPhone have mobile-based applications that offer providers and patients a method for accessing and sharing health information. More than 17,000 mobile health applications in major app stores can capture treatment instructions and build a HIPAA-compliant personal website where the instructions are easily accessible by the patient.

How the app works

The app works with a camera on the smartphone or tablet to record a provider giving instructions to the patient. Post the recording, all that the user will need to do is to press a button to upload the content and publish the video or audio recording through the mobile app. The provider can even add additional resources and treatment information later on. Currently, there are many mobile health applications use the same techniques to meet HIPAA regulations.

As a bottom line, mobile health can help reduce readmissions, manage chronic diseases and improve accessibility of health information benefitting both providers and patients to become more accountable for health outcomes.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Key Reasons Why Android Apps Takes Pride in Business Circle

No doubt the most acceptable brands when it comes to smartphones are either iOS or Android. There are plenty of niches that still need to be filled and even current trend with several leading apps still fall behind in quality. And, what businesses say? There’s always room for new Android apps, and with a little bit of know-how.

Some of its key advantages include:

  • It’s an Open-source: This gives application developers more freedom in understanding how it works, and modifies as he wants which translates to more innovative Android applications.

  • Easy to Testing: Having provided with a Software Development Kit (SDK) by Google, developers find it easy to test the applications they have developed on an Android simulator before loading them onto a phone

  • Install custom ROMS: This helps in major enhancements such as speed and more features- a major plus point for Android application development. Also, it provides preferred strength and recital to an app due to its Linux based operating system.

  • Better App integration: When compared to the iPhone, the system is more locked in and has better application integration. 

  • Developers: Selecting iPhone developer is the most daunting task than choosing type of application that you want to develop which is a contrary in Android. 

No matter you are franchises or a large enterprise, Android apps deliver you enhanced productivity to the operations. Once decided the OS, your next step should be hire developers to enjoy all the advantages of Android development and have already created hundreds of apps of different industry verticals.  If you are hiring the wrong guy to save some money, you are sure to fail.

Above are some of the reasons that give you an idea regarding the popularity of Android device. There are more resources available out there than at any time before.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Why Android Apps Developers Give Up Easily?

Android’s growing popularity has clearly had a positive effect on the quantity and quality of goods in Google’s app market. Even though about 80 % of new smartphones is being run on Android for the sake of vastly larger theoretical customer base- this isn’t working anymore.

Here’s the thing: “Android’s Gain Has Not Been IOS‘s Loss”.

iPhone users are pretty much assume that any major app that wouldn’t be nixed by Apple’s App Store policies will offer future updates at least as early as anyone else.

Whereas, in case of Android phone, you’ll get most major apps but there are exceptions.
A few factors which help explain why iOS keeps its app edge or in other words why Android app developers give up so easily:

Attractive: There are plenty of stats saying that iOS users are more app-happy and free-spending than Android users. That makes iOS a more attractive market despite the fewer bodies.

Supporting Multiple Platforms Is Tough: Many interesting apps come from tiny start-ups that pretty much don’t have the option of releasing two ambitious pieces of software simultaneously. This makes it much tougher for Android to have a shot at pulling even with iOS.

Developing for Android is a hassle: One obstacle in Android app development is the challenge of supporting a bevy of devices from different manufacturers and running different variants of the operating system.

Android Versions Aren’t Quick: What if the second platform a developer supports is the iPad? As in like the e-mail app Mailbox which was originated on the iPhone but later arrived in a version nicely rethought for the iPad’s larger display. Later, after a year or so, even an Android version came as a to-do list item for Mailbox’s creators.

In the U.S., Android isn’t the runaway market-share champ. For instance, Android has 51.5 percent share and iOS has 41.8 percent. This inconvenient truth for anyone who argues that Apple’s operating system is on an inexorable march towards irrelevance.

How to Win BIG in App Development?

Many think that succeeding is like winning in a casino and has to do with lots of luck. While the fact is that there is no secret recipe to make your app 100 percent a hit.

In such a case, why most apps fail in recent time? Yes! Making an iphone app requires tens of thousands of dollars in development.  Let’s look at some tips that could help you for the right approach.

You have an IDEA, Bring It UP

It’s obvious when there’s already an app for everything, how do you find an idea? This is why, you need to understand that INNOVATION is offering an extra detail no other app in that category provides and not reinvent the wheel.

All it requires is

ü  Write down your idea for the app.

ü  Try to explain the mission of your app as in like what it does and what it could deliver for your users.
This can help you define an objective and make your idea clear to co-workers and your team.


Are you wondering how this term works to WIN BIG? Let me explain. Apps have only a single chance to convince the user.  Meanwhile for iphone games, outstanding graphics, animations and sounds bring a lot of fun and help to bring up lots of emotion.

What should you do?

ü  A simple and appealing user interface is vital.

ü  Great usable apps consider the platform and therefore try not to break the rules of your OS.

ü  Read the UI guidelines of iOS and Android and try some usability testing

ü  You won’t need expensive focus groups or eye tracking.


Let’s be honest. The one essentiality to make your business survive and get budget for future updates or other apps is to create revenue. There are different models to choose from ranging from “Hit Apps” to “Premium Niche Apps”.  

Which is best for you?

ü  Think about new approaches like freemium using in-app purchases to price your app at a scalable level.

ü  A free app will probably generate lots of downloads.

Winding up, focusing on quality, detailed approach, and a great idea will gain momentum in the long run. There is no secret formula!