Monday, September 1, 2014

4 Ways Small Businesses Can Achieve Increased Productivity via Mobile Apps

In a new era of app development, the ability to meet broader objectives continues to drive the evolution of business apps. Needless to say, it can be your organization’s trump card in the game to increase small business productivity.

While the appeal of mobile devices as serious business tools increases, business apps will no doubt drive even greater efficiency in the future. This post explains four ways small businesses can achieve increased productivity via mobile apps today:

Understand the Competitive Market

New apps are released daily and to stay tuned to new app developments related to your industry or apps can enhance small business productivity. Besides, it helps you nail the critical success factors such as growth, expense management and employee satisfaction.

Give Apps a Test Run

Current processes seemingly work fine when companies never dare to compare the current state vs. a projected future state. This includes advancements in technology which is why the current process will appear to be the most productive and cost-efficient way.

And don’t worry. Some technology can take a little trial and error before it really takes off but soon boosts much productivity.

Take Advantage of Standout Apps

Apps like Evernote, Dropbox, etc. represent the low-hanging fruit on the small business productivity tree and could be used in your personal life. Surely there is at least one way you can leverage these apps to streamline business processes and/or boost collaboration.

Choose Apps That Integrate With Other Apps

There are a few items businesses must first consider before ensuring that business apps can truly integrate workflow and make processes more efficient. A few of which are: authentication, security, and integration into their portfolio of business apps.

These apps also available via the major platforms, including iOS, Google and Microsoft, meaning it’s safe and flexible for BYOD workforces.

How does your business use mobile apps to increase productivity? Perhaps it’s time for some disruptive thinking.

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