Monday, September 15, 2014

5 Important Aspects to consider When Building a App Development Team

Despite many times Mobile is the only under-hyped for techs, an overheating iOS app ecosystem hamstrung by distribution challenges makes for a tough game.  If you have already to chosen to develop mobile apps, it’s vital to opt for the right direction and the right team.

Considering these aspects, here we bring a few ways to build an efficient mobile team to take your company to the very heights of success in your field.

1.       Hiring Experienced Workforce

Experts who are good in the field of mobile development but lack experience in dealing with the mobile consumer industry serves to be the BAD choice.  Whereas, the experienced ones not only develop handset design but add more features to an existing app and so on when developing for a client or company.

2.       Start with the Most Popular Mobile Platforms

Platform that is being adopted by popular apps will attract a larger audience. Android and the iOS are the leading platforms right now so develop your app for them first. Aside from these, Appcelerator has some prediction as to which apps will rise or decline by end of 2014. Developing a consumer app for multiple platforms will give you much additional exposure in the market.

3.       Hype on Choosing the App Category

The most focussed categories as on date are: Business (20.3%), Finance (8.2%), Education (8.1%), Medical (8%), Productivity (7.8%) and Mobile Money (6.6%).

4.       Hire All-Rounders

Hiring developers who specialize in one program or another will be good only for that department. Instead, those whose are versatile over developing for a variety of devices and platforms will fit into multiple teams and be able to offer creative solutions for every problem.

5.       Rethink on Mobile Carrier Marketing and Brand Marketing

Your central focus has to be your consumer rather than mobile carriers or handset brands. Another issue in partnering with carriers and brands is that they will tend to have their own ideas about marketing your product which perhaps won’t line with your company’s vision.

While developing your app, keep pushing your mobile development team to think of better ideas and better ways to serve consumers as a whole.

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