Friday, September 19, 2014

How Businesses Look Into IOS 8 for Application Development

The latest iteration of Mac OS has said to be as the world’s most advanced operating system letting users to easily control their devices. In order to provide a completely natural experience, it has unleashed a host of features for the app developers to take advantage- the new keyboard options, sharing content and new iCloud features.

Several of its new features focus on expanding the abilities of third-party apps. Say for instance, Included in the iPhone 5s and the new iPhone 6 models, developers can now use the Touch ID fingerprint sensor to authenticate users. Here, let’s take a trip round all what’s leveraging the businesses in app development.

Health and HealthKit To Better Tracking

As the Apple wanting to help users better keep track of fitness and health, the company has encountered some HealthKit issues which prompted it to remove apps using HealthKit from the App Store until a fix is found.  Also, the activity tracker can monitor your pulse providing you with a holistic experience.

iCloud Drive To Save Files Easily

Similar to Google Drive, iCloud Drive is available to all iOS 8 that you won’t be able to really take advantage of it when it comes to transferring files or syncing some apps that rely on iCloud functionality.

Apple Pay for Ecommerce

One of the most important aspects in iOS 8 is the Apple Pay- the new mobile payment solution where users can save credit cards in Passbook to make online shopping experience a breeze. Available for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus at first, other iPhones will join in 2015 once the Apple Watch launches.

The iPhone and Apple Watch payment solution seems awfully easy to use focussing majorly on shopping privacy and financial security in addition to stupid-simple functionality.

Productivity Apps for Employees

Apps like Evernote allow premium users to use Touch ID instead of a passcode when securing their accounts. The scanning app let you protect scanned documents with Touch ID. Also, the event discovery app uses Touch ID for purchase authorization.

Summing up, iOS 8 brings great opportunities for developers as well as businesses. Take advantage of the iCloud features, touch ID and bold features for games development, too. 

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