Thursday, September 4, 2014

How to Win BIG in App Development?

Many think that succeeding is like winning in a casino and has to do with lots of luck. While the fact is that there is no secret recipe to make your app 100 percent a hit.

In such a case, why most apps fail in recent time? Yes! Making an iphone app requires tens of thousands of dollars in development.  Let’s look at some tips that could help you for the right approach.

You have an IDEA, Bring It UP

It’s obvious when there’s already an app for everything, how do you find an idea? This is why, you need to understand that INNOVATION is offering an extra detail no other app in that category provides and not reinvent the wheel.

All it requires is

ü  Write down your idea for the app.

ü  Try to explain the mission of your app as in like what it does and what it could deliver for your users.
This can help you define an objective and make your idea clear to co-workers and your team.


Are you wondering how this term works to WIN BIG? Let me explain. Apps have only a single chance to convince the user.  Meanwhile for iphone games, outstanding graphics, animations and sounds bring a lot of fun and help to bring up lots of emotion.

What should you do?

ü  A simple and appealing user interface is vital.

ü  Great usable apps consider the platform and therefore try not to break the rules of your OS.

ü  Read the UI guidelines of iOS and Android and try some usability testing

ü  You won’t need expensive focus groups or eye tracking.


Let’s be honest. The one essentiality to make your business survive and get budget for future updates or other apps is to create revenue. There are different models to choose from ranging from “Hit Apps” to “Premium Niche Apps”.  

Which is best for you?

ü  Think about new approaches like freemium using in-app purchases to price your app at a scalable level.

ü  A free app will probably generate lots of downloads.

Winding up, focusing on quality, detailed approach, and a great idea will gain momentum in the long run. There is no secret formula!

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