Monday, September 1, 2014

4 Impressive Business-Finance Apps for Small and Mid-Size Enterprise

The business universe are joining the mobile revolution though smart phones. With the help of the cloud and a fast-growing array of mobile apps, company finances can literally be managed at one’s fingertips by anyone, anywhere.

Here are four impressive business-finance apps aimed at decision makers and managers in the small and mid-size enterprise:


With Freshbook, small-to-medium sized business owners’ use cloud accounting software and instant invoice creation and delivery services. It provides time tracking and expense management systems using an infrastructure that supports up to 50 employees thus integrating with other financial apps is an important perk.


SurePayroll’s mobile app lets you pay salaried, hourly and 1099 employees from their mobile devices. Besides allowing users to preview their payroll, payment methods, and payroll summary reports taxes are also paid and filed as soon as the payroll app has run. Employees can securely view their current and past paychecks anytime on their phone thus saving time.


Ledger enables users to record complex transactions, take photos, select contracts, search transaction summaries, and archive information with iTunes File Sharing. Plus, it generates financial reports which include balance sheets and email reports from the app itself while securing the user’s financial information with password protection.

Lemon Wallet

It’s obvious your finance department need to manage a number of corporate credit cards and chances are more for these track missing. Lemon Wallet is the mobile solution that allows users to store a digital copy of all of their cards in the cloud. Besides, it creates a back-up copy so that in case of data lose or stolen, users can report card loss. Compatible with Windows phones, Android, and iPhone, it is available for Free or $4.99/month for premium package.

These are a few samples. Do you have an idea to create an app like this for your organisation? Approach a reputed app development company, NYC who can meet your needs.  

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