Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Most Widely Used Camera Apps for Iphone

Capturing better photographs using an iPhone app while making your phone behave more like a traditional camera. These apps feature photo editing tools featuring on picture-taking capabilities and photo-sharing options.

Every iPhone camera app on the market combines quick access to useful features with an easy to understand interface. Here are a few photos editing app roundup for top post-processing apps.

Trending iPhone Camera Apps 2014- An OverView

Camera+, from a best-seller with multiple shooting modes

Known as the top-selling camera app for the iPhone, its clean, well-designed interface offers a greater exposure control than Apple's AAPL -0.35% built-in camera app. Also, there’s an onscreen exposure compensation slider which helps in brightness adjustment before you press the shutter button.

VSCO Cam, Known for Its Minimalist Design 

Post developing this apps, it has won a devoted following among mobile photography enthusiasts. One notable feature of VSCO Cam app is that it lets you shoot with an Instagram-friendly square format framing guide. Not only it captures the camera’s full sensor output but allows you to re-adjust a square crop to your satisfaction after the fact.

Pro Camera 7- A Geek-Worthy Camera Controls Plus HD Video

ProCamera has always led the pack with its wide range of geek-worthy options and functionality. Redesigned from the ground up to take advantage of IOS 7 the immediate result is a more streamlined interface and a much more logical tool layout. Shutter speed and ISO values can be displayed in real time and the app offers a live histogram display so you can objectively evaluate scene brightness.

Pro HDR, HDR with Manual Control

Take multiple exposures in high contrast scenes and merge them seamlessly into a single image with a well-defined highlight and shadow detail on your iphone. After taking both pictures the app blends them into a single composite image. The composite image will have slightly reduced pixel dimensions because the app must align multiple images.

If your purpose is pure entertainment with little redeeming social value, then you're sure to find it in these apps.

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