Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Building Your App Empire? How to Tackle the Ongoing Issue of Mitigating Risk

“Should I flip apps? - have you heard this ongoing statement? People who have started the process and see the amount of unknowns when trying to build an app and are just looking for the best possible way to use their time and energy.

This post shall give you all some new perspective on how to tackle the ongoing issue of mitigating risk and maximizing profit potential.

Turn Your Idea Into A Live App

You have an idea- you hire a developer this is the most basic and most popular form of app development.
Advantages that follow are:

·         Help you develop anything you want, exactly how you want it. Moving the needle forward, you get control over everything and create something innovative.

·         Not only do you build an app, but submit a patent and maybe even a trademark to have the full rights to that technology.

The only drawback is that since your app is brand new, you don’t know the ways to keep that to a minimum (planning, strategy, partners, etc).

App Emulation And App Cloning

If you wanted to get into the market that blends the custom solution, do a research, build an app that’s very similar to a popular one to fill that opportunity.

Advantages that follow are:

·         A developer can clone an app, especially when you know what you want the changes to be. A simple app can be cloned in a matter of weeks and can spend your time on the testing and iPhone app publishing before launching.

·         Spinning a project as a clone is cost effective saving 50% on an outsourcing website because developers know the amount of time invested can be streamlined by the example app.

Flipping The Apps And Let Them Accelerate

To be an app person, flipping apps means that you license source code from a game or app, re-design it before publishing under your own wing. Building a custom app is about getting new searches and downloads.

When you buy some source code which is fully functioning, instead of spending time on creating new functions and development, switch out the graphics, icon, and splash screen-the app is ready for upload to Apple.

These methods are ofcourse widely successful and all you need to do is to choose ONE. 

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