Friday, September 26, 2014

Will IOS 8 Be a Positive Sign to Mobile Enterprise Computing? Check What Experts Say

Apple very recently launched iOS8 at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) for both iPhone and iPad. While the launch is directed at keeping app developers happy, it even assures the leading game providers to bring console-class 3D games to mobile devices, for the first time.

What firing in the board of the IT community right now is the “enterprise” feature list of new versions of iOS. This article shall help you look at the impact of iOS 8 on their mobile strategies.

Handling Privacy in a Healthkit World

iOS 8 introduced HealthKit and HomeKit- the two new tools to enable health and home automation experiences. Unlike the previous consumer health app telling how many calories each burn/ blood-pressure tracker or diabetes manager- employees will be able to use personal apps enabled by HealthKit, HomeKit, Apple Pay, and other future services on their corporate devices.

Recommended, revisit your approach to privacy policy, process, and communication. Also, in order to protecting life-critical workflows and personal data move to a model of selective management and selective wipe to secure enterprise data.

Biometrics Ready for Prime Time

With respect to biometrics, back in 2013 the iPhone 5s first introduced with the fingerprint recognition technology of Touch ID allowing users to unlock their phones or conduct iTunes transactions without typing their passwords.

Enterprises made use of these to simplify the user authentication experience by allowing Touch ID to unlock a device while still having a strong password as a backup. So that it increases the strength of iOS secondary encryption.

Securing Fluid Data

With iOS 8’s new features like Handoff and app extensions, the ability to deliver workflow-based apps that enables data becoming fluid and easily available across devices and apps.

How is it beneficial? Enterprise app developers can create more fluid and interactive apps turning into a productive mobile workflow for the end user. This isn’t. Providing the guardrails for enterprise developers to use these features effectively will help from corporate data to suddenly appear on unmanaged devices or in unauthorized apps.

Summing up, iOS 8 will kick off new innovations in mobileapp development with far-ranging implications for privacy, app design, and data security in the enterprise that benefit greatly from those that struggle to catch up.

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