Monday, September 15, 2014

Can You Invest on Developing an Iphone App? The Harsh Realities

There’s no getting around it. The mobile industry has revolutionized the world of retail, entertainment, and business. This has in turn leveraged app development more positively than ever before. With the concept of cross-platform apps getting more popular, no wonder this field has become a veritable treasure-trove for the developer to make a decent sum of money every month.

In this article, we shall see if you will get a reasonable return on investment once the app is released?

Statistical Report on New Apps Category

Whether it’s Top Apps Paid, Free or category section, according to experts in USA an app should make 13,000 download daily to be in Top 100 Free Apps for iPhone. The most competitive categories in are:  Games- 5,617, Education- 1,168 and Business- 3,091.

Apart from these, other categories varies from approximately 3,000-1,000 (Travel, Lifestyle, Utilities, Sports, Health) to 900-800 (Music, Food, Photography).

Choose the App Store Category Wisely- Increase the Revenue

If you wise, you’ll know to avoid the obvious most popular category that has millions of thousand of similar apps. Instead, decrease your competition and have a better chance to get to App Store Charts picking a category only because of its size.

The best way to get your app noticed is to place it into a category where most users will look through in Google/ Apple Store. Take a good look at potential competitors and how well are they doing in those categories. One last piece of advice is, sometimes after releasing you might want to develop something quite different but leaving a half-baked app behind spoils your company’s reputation. Be passionate about any app of yours and continue to maintain it in the long run.

Releasing an app doesn’t mean leaving it alone and waiting for whatever happens but with good tools, knowledge, and sanity checks- you make a big difference.  Thus making customers happy and building strong relationship with them built on trust and satisfaction.

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