Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How Apple Watch Can Potentially Impact Gaming Apps

Gaming might seem an obvious vertical for wearable due to the small screen size but who can miss the fun part of it? When the Apple Watch was announced, expanding communication, health tracking, navigation and more started to the main objective undoubtedly a signal to uptick in appdevelopment.

Here are some of the best brainstormed all-possible ideas for game creators that would work within the hardware's restrictions.

Save Time and Energy

In general, a freemium game works by asking for your time instead of putting in money.  Since you have to constantly check in, or risk missing the benefit of your newly generated energy critical for completing tasks, these games allow a certain number of actions as in like must wait for their energy to replenish or purchase more.

For those, Apple Watch will turn out to be a quick way to interface with game and save time.

Creativity- Gamification of Your Activity

With the robust fitness tracking on the Apple Watch, you can experience a new life. Exercising toward a goal or purpose tracked in a game is more creative than just adding points to a number.

Aside from this, if running with Apple Watch unlocking new worlds to explore in a game, then it could be more motivational. How about climbing more stairs than your friends meant your virtual army was able to overtake theirs? Cool, isn’t it?

Digital Crown to Help Scrolling and Zooming

As Apple's team demonstrated a touch screen causes a lot of difficulties on a watch face because your fingers obscure your view. This is when digital crown came in which utilizes the crown's rotation for activities. 

A simple with one-touch control! As long as the mechanics are simple, games can be picked up and put away during downtime is an obvious one.

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