Monday, June 30, 2014

The Best Practices to Make an Exceptional Mobile App

Businesses have become more aggressive with their accessibility and developing mobile apps has become a very effective marketing strategy for a business. More than being a bandwagon, whether the business is already big or whether you are still starting, it is said creating an exceptional app will serve your target market.

4 Best Practices to Bring Out an Aggressive App

Serve Your Target Market

In all kinds of apps, be it entertainment applications development or business type, there are also a hundred million ideas floating that is both engaging and interesting. However, only the one that will best represent your business in the app market will work best for your business.
Once you are done with the mobile applications development adding all the right features, the next most important thing is to ensure that your app is marketable.

Good Description is A Necessity:

The very basic necessity of all apps is that upon reading the first sentence, the user should already know what your app does. The description line is crucial so offering your customers what will they get from it is important.
Mark it! Mobile app users love using free and useful features. If your app has received positive feeds, you can reiterate and emphasize ack.

Keywords- A Solid Background

Keywords are very important tools that give your audience a solid background and idea on what your app is about. These help your visitors to decide on whether to download the app or not.

Attractive Graphics for Virility

Like we see, every entertainment app developer New York (both android and iOS) ensure to create an app that is both compelling and outstanding. Most of us appreciate apps that are more user-friendly and appealing to the eyes. Capture your app’s objective and go for loud colours accordingly. 

Summing up, all these above mentioned best practices will help you create an app that will be guaranteed successful.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Best 5 Utility Apps to Ensure Your Safety and Security

Mobile applications developers have made extreme efforts to rationalize an emergency but how? There are apps to govern the inbuilt sensors and app coding that helps you in some or the other way during tough times.

Here is the list of top 5 such apps, the mobile apps development companies make to cover as much as they can pertain to the after effects of the emergency.

Top 5 Utility Apps That Come in Handy During Emergency

Emergency Back pain:

This app offers everything that is required during the course of emergency. This includes torch, a list of first aid items, and medical aids during any kind of attacks. And, ICE (in case of emergency) helps you to get in touch with medical professionals at pin point of time.


Specialized for ladies, women or say girls, this is a special app in case of eve-teasing, rapes and other unavoidable harassments. App developers have worked out in a way that you hit a button and there goes a direct call or SMS to the parent or guardian number that has been enrolled previously.

Emergency Rescue Alarm:

Any sort of difficulties like theft/ robbery/ physical harassment, hitting a button on this app let you contact the nearby persons inform about the difficulty faced by you. This app is more generalize for all groups and ages.

My Emergency Tool and Widgets:

Be it at home or while travelling or driving, this app helps you identify the nearest police station, hospital, fire station, chemist and all other areas which are best utilized during alerts.


Are you good at missing Smartphone or does it tends to get snatched very frequently? This app helps you to come up with emergency contact number in case of the lost phone. The person who finds its will not be able to access any information other than emergency contact number posted on the locked screen. Very effective!

All these are simple utility apps that come in handy to guide you ensuring your safety and security. Have a creative idea and wanted to deploy a new app? Hire a mobile app development company, NYC that meets your budget and needs. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Top 5 IPad Apps with Business Utility That best Suits Your Baggage

The introduction of BYOD concept by most of the companies has leveraged a huge impact on gadgets beyond the boundaries of conventional office doors. For all round utility of apps, iPad is proving out to be the best alternative for blackberry phones with innumerable apps launched every day at Apple store.

How? Well, apple app development companies are trying to keep business networks alive even when they are working away or engaged in travelling or meeting. Here is a list of such popular apps that can fit your baggage.


Current market information and stoke exchange for retail business investors is available right here. Also, previous day’s detailed analysis of particular stokes and future predictions by experts can be known through this app.

Air Sharing

This app allows you to access, share, draft and modify your data in any format. Plus, you can view important documentaries form your PC even from remote places, given wifi.

OWA for iPad

Are you afraid of managing your internet data secure for business management? This app enables to keep emails in outlook, junk, build and access them differently.


This app is perfect for every business associate to generate synchronization with their partners, and managers. While it allows you to keep photos, videos, and files on a single cloud, professionals can access them for optimized results in business.

FTP On the Go PRO: One of the best apps for IT professionals and high-end mangers, this app can let you directly access your company server from your iPad and make changes in documents, uploads and other outlooks online.

With a booming sector of iPad apps development in the market, all the above are simply a few samples. There are much more to come that can give new hikes to your business.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Implanting Android App Development in Your Business

The surprising hike in the number of Smartphone’s these days has engulfed the mobile application market in a large extend. But getting started can be daunting if you are not sure to choose the right platform for your needs.

The success of Android App Development is beyond the imagination level and businesses are taking advantage of this great platform to improve and expand, one at a time. So, as it, this article covers how implementation of Android helps application developer and clients in this geek market.

Significance of Android App Development

Google App Store: It Has It All

The first and the foremost advantage of Google Play is its wide category of application with tremendous areas of working. Being an IT entrepreneur, you would surely find its flexibility with prime monetization in your business. Plus, the updates and upgrades in accordance to the newer versions of Android have made it easy for android app developers to bring out their creativity.

Easy Implementation

Android development includes Android SDK, Java and jQuery. So, developers with in depth knowledge of app compatibility on Google store can build up better apps. With well-versed collaboration among the technical, designing and deployment teams, making better apps is totally in the hands of Android apps development companies, but bear in mind it is not hard at all to implement as work function, even for a new startup.

Revenue Generation

The main focus behind establishing or expanding business is to gain the fruits of Profit and Reputation with lasting certifications. With no doubts, Android application development has high-end market utility with an onset that guarantees flourishing business. Using features like upgrades, paid apps and app store optimization services, it has become prevalent in the market with existence of cut-throat competition in the market.

So, that’s it. Do not forget to consider the above mentioned pointers for your next Android Development project. There are many reasons why Android is still the better? Consult professionals developing for android apps before proceeding. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

3 Careful Steps in Promoting Your iPhone Apps

After considering the different phases of mobile apps development, from design to development, marketing it prior is pointed out to be most important step to reach out to the public. In precise, if they don’t get to know your app, how will they download it?

IPhone is emerging to be one of the most efficient gadgets to use mobile applications and it is said nearly 60% of the apps vanish away even before their users get to know them. That’s why companies are demanded to pin-point with their marketing strategy for better visibility.

These strategies will retaliate to promote your iPhone apps and penetrate Apple market on app store.

Step1: Cross App Promotions

This means launching simultaneous apps under the same category or getting other iPhone Application Development Company to tie up with and promote your app within their app. This is of great benefits to most number of people in the market. And, with the revolution of iOS 7, besides iPhone apps /iPad apps development is becoming compatible due to sublime efforts of developers. – Well, “Smart Option to Advertise a Single App for Multi-Platform”

Step2: App Store Optimization

As you know, Apple store is highly reputed platform with millions of great apps. So, setting peculiar keyword for your apps can help it get optimized and as a result become popular through search. Nowadays, there are many apple app development company NYC with variable packages to perform this ASO and get your app on top. Though this process is slow, it will definitely provide fruitful results.

Step3: Social Media Promotion

Social networking sites and groups are one of the most prominent ways to capture the attention of mobile app users, can say. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and other internet resources help your app reach out to public which not only grows network but get maximum downloads in a considerable way. Since the traffic on these social sites is the highest, your efforts prove worthy.

Other than the above mentioned ones, offline media promotion, press releases and well designed mobile application get the people to groove with your app, automatically.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Factors That Can Jeopardise Your App Development Business

In the last few years, mobile apps have grown long way and continues to evolve at a rapid pace packed with new features. But then, half the apps in app store don’t make it the way you want it to be. So... it’s clear that without understanding the common pitfalls that come with app development, the learning process is never complete.

This article is packed with a few common mistakes that can easily jeopardise your business.

Top 4 Mistakes and How to avoid them?

Starting With a Complex Apps: difficult to navigate and operate. 
Having too many features packed into the app can be explosive adding difficult navigation and operation. It is not always that your users need to be a techno geek and instead of delighting him you rather end up frustrating him. For instance, developing iPhone apps with UI that is quick and easy to learn helps you achieve the goal, instantly.

Choosing the Platforms

This is the golden rule: entertainment app developer New York (both android and iOS) shouldn’t attempt to cover too many platforms, especially beginners. It not affects the cost significantly but also reduces the success rate of the app. Instead try focusing on one platform, better is developing for android- the one that would offer the best value proposition.

Including N number of features

Similar to developing for too many platforms, including too many features can end up with an app that has either limited appeal across a too wide target market or one where you have a wide range of features but not all of them seem useful. App developers need to understand what their clients want to achieve- uniqueness with features should be the major objective.

The Various Methods of Marketing It

Before launching, research needs to be done on how the app will be discovered easily on app store. You need to look at what category the app falls in, and how it will be marketed. Bear in mind, until the app been listed in the relevant app store and fully tested, press releases should never be sent out. This can create bad impression and perhaps user may end up not coming back.

As the advancement of mobile technology continues to reshape consumer purchasing behaviour, if you are considering developing a mobile app, ensure you look through mobile application development company profile before consultation. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Advent of HTML5 to Drive Enterprises with Brilliant IOS 7 Changes

Since the iOS 7’s enhancements, enterprises have become the place where ‘mobility’ is in full swing. Apple apparently dominates in the enterprise at the app level which means iPhone application developers in NYC put more efforts in their day-to-day jobs. Regardless of all the eye candy of refreshing colours and unique icons, here are substantial benefits to quick adoption of iOS 7 for enterprise developers.

In this article we shall see what makes enterprises bring change with the advent of apple’s latest version. 

IOS 7 and Mobile app Development

IOS 7, being one of the top notch Smartphone OS, is more stable and secure for organizations which have to manage increasing BYOD (bring your own device) issues. When developing iPhone apps is undoubtedly the largest entry in the mobile world. However, the growing open standards like HTML 5 which is supposed to cut across platforms offers content or functionality on a mobile device depriving iPhone app development itself.

Here are some facts that make enterprises rethink with Apple's IOS7

·         Redesigned User Interface: IPhone application development using iOS 7 will have a huge impact on Ready business apps. Therefore, enterprises have to put a lot of effort into optimization. The opportunities for HTML5 turning into the one technology to rule them all look gloomy.
·         Cutthroat competition: The current competitive market needs to develop apps that provide great user experiences. Which iOS 7 brings many opportunities for enterprises and allows businesses to gain maximum benefit in tight markets.
·         Regular Updates: Enterprises will often encounter with regular OS upgrades in the mobile platform war which infact brings businesses have to be ready for anything to pull through the enterprise mobility race.

Summing up, iOS7 gives organizations an opportunity to develop revolutionary apps paying attention to both clients and the enterprise, adding many BYOD benefits businesses. Do you still want to go for hybrid apps? Call is yours.

Openwave Computing LLC, a leading mobile app development company, NYC offers various development services and their vast experience in the field will help you choose which platform or service to approach at a very friendly budget.

Mobile Developers Focus on Enterprise Apps- A Case Study

People who think that mobile developers are those who sell apps through app stores are seeing just a small part of the overall picture. Today’s mobile app developers face a fundamental dilemma when clients approach them: What should we focus on?

·         Whether, business-to-consumer (B2C) apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, etc., or
·         Enterprise mobile apps like CRM, ERP-type apps that enable massive productivity improvements for mobile workers?

Take away from Worldwide Study of Developers

A worldwide study of the developer population shows that nowadays enterprise apps are trumping consumer apps. Here are some takeaways from this study:

·         Nearly 50% of software developers (or 8.7M) work on mobile apps, globally.
·         Compared to 2010 report, there are twice as many mobile developers today
·         The global software developer population expected to reach 25 million by 2020
·         India and China are leading of which, 20% of developers are creativity women

Having said so, enterprises are looking for the next generation apps that will drive revenues, customer engagement and employee productivity. To succeed in developing iPhone apps or Android one, the simple mantras consider three things: think well beyond simple app development; consider how to test and monitor the app, the metrics to measure and optimize and how to ensure optimum experience and performance that engages users.

Summing up, there are about two million B2C apps in today’s app stores most of which are available for free. The paid applications are downloaded fewer than 500 times per day and earn less than $1,250 a day. On the other hand, enterprise mobility is creating endless opportunities for Mobile Application Development Companies in New York to maintain sustainable growth. While inspiring developers on the surface there’s a lot more than meets the eye.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

5 Key Areas Every Enterprise Mobile Architect Should Concentrate In 2014

In recent times, extending enterprise applications to mobile devices has become a priority for organizations optimizing their workforce. This mobility space is growing through which it is influencing both architects and Enterprise App Developers in many ways.

This article outlines the 5 big considerations enterprise architects need to take into account when developing apps.

What Should Enterprise Mobile Architects Concentrate On?

Growing Need for Offline Apps: Adding offline capabilities to an app can bring triple its development complexity. But then, four in five (78%) respondents say they’re planning to build apps with offline support in 2014. With expanding local data requirement, the need to have a hardened mobile client infrastructure expands as well.

Efficient Data Leverage From Back-End Systems: Since the mobile landscape is becoming increasingly strategic with Hybrid Mobile Application Development and integration with back-end data. This adds that as mobile needs evolve organisations should be flexible to combine data and transactions that is coming from the constantly changing back-end systems.

To Meet The Price Points Jump: Majority of enterprises require predictability in their infrastructure costs. This pricing structures depends on the type of app – B2C v B2E – is just vendors being greedy.

Leave behind the Traditional Way: With mobile technology becoming mainstream, mobile app developers should be proficient and use the support system appropriately. In precise, the last thing enterprises want is a closed platform.

Multi Device And Multi OS Apps: A survey outlines that four in five (78%) claim to supporting a wide range of employee, partner, and customer-owned apps that run across multiple operating systems. Despite the “deploy once, run anywhere” nature of HTML5 Application Development, enterprises are still blindly doubting to move forward.

End of the day, it is about how today’s Enterprise App Developers plan that account for the rapidly evolving enterprise mobility space, Do You Agree With Its Verdict? Then, it’s now you should approach a professional mobile app development company, like Openwave Computing LLC, NYC.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Expanding Your Business with Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobile Applications are highly benevolent to businesses- to promote products and services, reach the target market, and earn bountiful profits. It serves as an essential element of business organizations with now growing much more advanced than desk phones.

So, to cope with the advanced demands of the competitive business environment, it is important to make use of enterprise mobility which is ultimately via an iPhone app development or an Android one.

Start from the Fundamentals

Regardless of your business size, nature, and purpose every organization wants to stay connected with its clients and the rest of the world. And, developing a mobile apps attempt to gain the maximum advantage of mobile solutions.

Rendering service from a Mobile Apps Development Company has the full potential to impact critical business choices. But most importantly, to avail these benefits, you need to figure out how you can use this technology in the favor of your organization, say native or HTML5 or Titanium, etc.

The Top Ranked Reasons in Developing Enterprise Mobile Application

Here are a few benefits- an enterprise mobile application can offer to help you maximize your business profits.

Serve the Niche: It is recommended to develop an app that not only serves a particular niche, but exclusively very informative, increase productivity, and help them achieve their tasks.

Promote Business Sales: The ideal way to increase your business sales is offering special rewards to individuals who can make the best use of the app. Bear in mind, exclusive promotional deals, discounts and coupons give you a chance to attract more clients as well as boost your sales.

Better Interaction: Say for instance, through Enterprise Application Development, customers can enjoy the freedom to interact with the owners which build a strong relationship and make them more loyal towards your services.

The bottom line is before your business rivals do it being innovative is the first step to promote your business. Consult a mobile app development company, NYC, say one such Openwave Computing LLC who have a decade plus experience in the field and can better guide you through it.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Top 4 HTML5 Mobile UI Frameworks for Your Enterprise Apps

Nowadays, HTML5 Mobile User Interface Frameworks or rather libraries help developers to develop a professional grade user experience for applications are more demandable resulting into more number of HTML5-powered Apps.

Go through this post for some helpful tips to use app framework in HTML5 Mobile Apps Development.

Kendo UI

Kendo UI, based on jQuery is a commercial venture that supports the outstanding documentation and tools available for developers. One can cook up a custom colour scheme for their UI using Kendo UI’s theme builder. The best part of it is allows changing its UI based on the platform for emulating the native aesthetic of an iOS, Windows Phone 8, Android, or Blackberry device.

·         Fast with SVG support, plus fallback support for older browsers
·         Complete package, framework, UI and MVC all in one

Twitter Bootstrap 3

One of the latest in a series of HTML5 UI Frameworks, Twitter Bootstrap 3 works well for desktop browsers as well as mobiles. It allows app developers to add customized style and JavaScript components for enhancing its functionality.  Despite not supporting JavaScript’s, it contains a distinctive "Web 2.0" look for giving modern and crisp look.

·         New design and an optional theme
·         Super-powered grid system
·         Cross-Browser Compatibility

 jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is simple to use as it is programmed by using HTML elements. The good news is that it comprises a large installed base that delivers help and sample code for latest projects.

·         Avoid App Store Approval Madness & Debug Build Hell
·         Incorporates predesigned layout, control, and widget elements

Sencha Touch

Known for its high-performance, Sencha Touch for Cross Platform Development delivers unique experience as its UI code written in JavaScript enabling developers to create some outstanding apps for BlackBerry, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, etc.

·         HTML5 and CSS3 allows higher flexibility
·         Easily scales to different resolutions for maximum compatibility

All these above mentioned HTML5 frameworks help to create marvellous application with lots of 
features. Openwave is a leading mobile app development company, NYC backed by a strong workforce of 150+ experts to offer HTML5 app development services to help you surge ahead of the competition.

Monday, June 2, 2014

How Smart is the Appcelerator’s Titanium for Business Apps

Developing a mobile application that is perfect in every single element of functional, responsive and compatible is quite challenging for every professional developer. Titanium is a recently evolved open source cross-platform apps development framework that provides an integrated environment to develop a wide range of applications.

Emerged as one of the best cross-platform frameworks, Appcelerator’s Titanium allows you to develop high-end mobile apps. It offers an SDK that supports major operating systems such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10, and even Tizen and mobile web apps together with excellent documentation and community resources. As you read on, find-out more about its features, benefits and more.

Major Features and Benefits of Appcelerator’s Titanium Framework

Supports Multiple Platforms:

One of the golden features in Hybrid Mobile Apps Development is its multiple platforms support. Through which we can deploy apps without compatibility issues on various devices such as tablets, desktop and mobiles.

JavaScript API:

Titanium framework provides JavaScript API that can be used for interacting with native code so that developers can easily develop interactive apps without any hassle. Being a platform-independent API, it gives access advanced features like cameras, touch screens, GPS, navigation, contacts, storage, and much more.

Trending Web Technology:

Trendy and powerful tools such as HTML5, AJAX, CSS3, jQuery and many more are being used here. All these functional entities will definitely deliver a high-performance application.

Quality Meets Time

Compared to other mobile application frameworks, Titanium Mobile Development invokes advanced quality features to make app development task easy and straightforward. Developers who have a little knowledge about HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Ajax and JavaScript can find it easy to learn every nitty-gritty aspect of Titanium and make use it to empower in the design work.

To summarise, Appcelerator Titanium is a perfect framework to work with. That’s why hiring titanium app development service from any well-known mobile application development company to develop your own application makes more sense.