Tuesday, June 10, 2014

5 Key Areas Every Enterprise Mobile Architect Should Concentrate In 2014

In recent times, extending enterprise applications to mobile devices has become a priority for organizations optimizing their workforce. This mobility space is growing through which it is influencing both architects and Enterprise App Developers in many ways.

This article outlines the 5 big considerations enterprise architects need to take into account when developing apps.

What Should Enterprise Mobile Architects Concentrate On?

Growing Need for Offline Apps: Adding offline capabilities to an app can bring triple its development complexity. But then, four in five (78%) respondents say they’re planning to build apps with offline support in 2014. With expanding local data requirement, the need to have a hardened mobile client infrastructure expands as well.

Efficient Data Leverage From Back-End Systems: Since the mobile landscape is becoming increasingly strategic with Hybrid Mobile Application Development and integration with back-end data. This adds that as mobile needs evolve organisations should be flexible to combine data and transactions that is coming from the constantly changing back-end systems.

To Meet The Price Points Jump: Majority of enterprises require predictability in their infrastructure costs. This pricing structures depends on the type of app – B2C v B2E – is just vendors being greedy.

Leave behind the Traditional Way: With mobile technology becoming mainstream, mobile app developers should be proficient and use the support system appropriately. In precise, the last thing enterprises want is a closed platform.

Multi Device And Multi OS Apps: A survey outlines that four in five (78%) claim to supporting a wide range of employee, partner, and customer-owned apps that run across multiple operating systems. Despite the “deploy once, run anywhere” nature of HTML5 Application Development, enterprises are still blindly doubting to move forward.

End of the day, it is about how today’s Enterprise App Developers plan that account for the rapidly evolving enterprise mobility space, Do You Agree With Its Verdict? Then, it’s now you should approach a professional mobile app development company, like Openwave Computing LLC, NYC.

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