Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Best 5 Utility Apps to Ensure Your Safety and Security

Mobile applications developers have made extreme efforts to rationalize an emergency but how? There are apps to govern the inbuilt sensors and app coding that helps you in some or the other way during tough times.

Here is the list of top 5 such apps, the mobile apps development companies make to cover as much as they can pertain to the after effects of the emergency.

Top 5 Utility Apps That Come in Handy During Emergency

Emergency Back pain:

This app offers everything that is required during the course of emergency. This includes torch, a list of first aid items, and medical aids during any kind of attacks. And, ICE (in case of emergency) helps you to get in touch with medical professionals at pin point of time.


Specialized for ladies, women or say girls, this is a special app in case of eve-teasing, rapes and other unavoidable harassments. App developers have worked out in a way that you hit a button and there goes a direct call or SMS to the parent or guardian number that has been enrolled previously.

Emergency Rescue Alarm:

Any sort of difficulties like theft/ robbery/ physical harassment, hitting a button on this app let you contact the nearby persons inform about the difficulty faced by you. This app is more generalize for all groups and ages.

My Emergency Tool and Widgets:

Be it at home or while travelling or driving, this app helps you identify the nearest police station, hospital, fire station, chemist and all other areas which are best utilized during alerts.


Are you good at missing Smartphone or does it tends to get snatched very frequently? This app helps you to come up with emergency contact number in case of the lost phone. The person who finds its will not be able to access any information other than emergency contact number posted on the locked screen. Very effective!

All these are simple utility apps that come in handy to guide you ensuring your safety and security. Have a creative idea and wanted to deploy a new app? Hire a mobile app development company, NYC that meets your budget and needs. 

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