Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Top 5 IPad Apps with Business Utility That best Suits Your Baggage

The introduction of BYOD concept by most of the companies has leveraged a huge impact on gadgets beyond the boundaries of conventional office doors. For all round utility of apps, iPad is proving out to be the best alternative for blackberry phones with innumerable apps launched every day at Apple store.

How? Well, apple app development companies are trying to keep business networks alive even when they are working away or engaged in travelling or meeting. Here is a list of such popular apps that can fit your baggage.


Current market information and stoke exchange for retail business investors is available right here. Also, previous day’s detailed analysis of particular stokes and future predictions by experts can be known through this app.

Air Sharing

This app allows you to access, share, draft and modify your data in any format. Plus, you can view important documentaries form your PC even from remote places, given wifi.

OWA for iPad

Are you afraid of managing your internet data secure for business management? This app enables to keep emails in outlook, junk, build and access them differently.


This app is perfect for every business associate to generate synchronization with their partners, and managers. While it allows you to keep photos, videos, and files on a single cloud, professionals can access them for optimized results in business.

FTP On the Go PRO: One of the best apps for IT professionals and high-end mangers, this app can let you directly access your company server from your iPad and make changes in documents, uploads and other outlooks online.

With a booming sector of iPad apps development in the market, all the above are simply a few samples. There are much more to come that can give new hikes to your business.

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