Monday, June 16, 2014

The Advent of HTML5 to Drive Enterprises with Brilliant IOS 7 Changes

Since the iOS 7’s enhancements, enterprises have become the place where ‘mobility’ is in full swing. Apple apparently dominates in the enterprise at the app level which means iPhone application developers in NYC put more efforts in their day-to-day jobs. Regardless of all the eye candy of refreshing colours and unique icons, here are substantial benefits to quick adoption of iOS 7 for enterprise developers.

In this article we shall see what makes enterprises bring change with the advent of apple’s latest version. 

IOS 7 and Mobile app Development

IOS 7, being one of the top notch Smartphone OS, is more stable and secure for organizations which have to manage increasing BYOD (bring your own device) issues. When developing iPhone apps is undoubtedly the largest entry in the mobile world. However, the growing open standards like HTML 5 which is supposed to cut across platforms offers content or functionality on a mobile device depriving iPhone app development itself.

Here are some facts that make enterprises rethink with Apple's IOS7

·         Redesigned User Interface: IPhone application development using iOS 7 will have a huge impact on Ready business apps. Therefore, enterprises have to put a lot of effort into optimization. The opportunities for HTML5 turning into the one technology to rule them all look gloomy.
·         Cutthroat competition: The current competitive market needs to develop apps that provide great user experiences. Which iOS 7 brings many opportunities for enterprises and allows businesses to gain maximum benefit in tight markets.
·         Regular Updates: Enterprises will often encounter with regular OS upgrades in the mobile platform war which infact brings businesses have to be ready for anything to pull through the enterprise mobility race.

Summing up, iOS7 gives organizations an opportunity to develop revolutionary apps paying attention to both clients and the enterprise, adding many BYOD benefits businesses. Do you still want to go for hybrid apps? Call is yours.

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