Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Factors That Can Jeopardise Your App Development Business

In the last few years, mobile apps have grown long way and continues to evolve at a rapid pace packed with new features. But then, half the apps in app store don’t make it the way you want it to be. So... it’s clear that without understanding the common pitfalls that come with app development, the learning process is never complete.

This article is packed with a few common mistakes that can easily jeopardise your business.

Top 4 Mistakes and How to avoid them?

Starting With a Complex Apps: difficult to navigate and operate. 
Having too many features packed into the app can be explosive adding difficult navigation and operation. It is not always that your users need to be a techno geek and instead of delighting him you rather end up frustrating him. For instance, developing iPhone apps with UI that is quick and easy to learn helps you achieve the goal, instantly.

Choosing the Platforms

This is the golden rule: entertainment app developer New York (both android and iOS) shouldn’t attempt to cover too many platforms, especially beginners. It not affects the cost significantly but also reduces the success rate of the app. Instead try focusing on one platform, better is developing for android- the one that would offer the best value proposition.

Including N number of features

Similar to developing for too many platforms, including too many features can end up with an app that has either limited appeal across a too wide target market or one where you have a wide range of features but not all of them seem useful. App developers need to understand what their clients want to achieve- uniqueness with features should be the major objective.

The Various Methods of Marketing It

Before launching, research needs to be done on how the app will be discovered easily on app store. You need to look at what category the app falls in, and how it will be marketed. Bear in mind, until the app been listed in the relevant app store and fully tested, press releases should never be sent out. This can create bad impression and perhaps user may end up not coming back.

As the advancement of mobile technology continues to reshape consumer purchasing behaviour, if you are considering developing a mobile app, ensure you look through mobile application development company profile before consultation. 

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