Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Top 5 Challenges in Enterprise App Development

Enterprises have been scrambling to develop a rigid mobile app for their employees and customers. However, creating a well designed one that functions perfectly involves a lot of complexities.

This post addresses to a few key challenges to be well aware of in mobile application development to help you reduce a lot of problems and optimize your company’s business objectives.

Where are we now?

Enterprise apps will be coming to a mobile device near you before long. Despite the widespread influx of 'BYO' tablets and Smartphone’s into enterprises in recent years, Windows applications still dominate the scene. It is no surprise to see solid enterprise categories: enterprise file sync and share, line-of-business apps, and collaboration tools also figuring prominently.

What Challenges are awaiting for Enterprise Mobility?

User Experience (UX)
Major challenge of mobile app development is user experience (UX). Without considering user interaction and behaviour, it makes the app unintuitive and cumbersome for the user. The net result is low adoption and usage. Developing an app that is functional, easy-to-navigate, and adaptable for different devices and operating systems go a long way towards ensuring an optimal user experience.


Since many mobile devices and operating systems are in use today, there is a large amount of fragmentation involved in mobile app development. This means testing an app on a variety of platforms is a challenge that developers must face. Plus, maintaining multiple versions of the same app leads to increased costs.

App Development Technology

While weighing the pros and cons of native or hybrid app development platforms, many enterprises fail to figure out the one that best suit their business needs. Consulting a professional Mobile App development Company can resolve this headache.


The constant updates of operating systems must assure a faster and smoother app development process than traditional platforms. Too long planning shouldn’t end up with an outdated launching.


Developers must consider security of the mobile app with liability and privacy issues in the name of protecting data. Being developed for organizations, every employee using enterprise mobile application need not be given access and control over their personal devices.
If you can track down these challenges, mobile application development is the most rewarding approach to raise your business.

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