Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Top 5 Attributes a Consumer Wants in Their Business App

The early days of enterprise mobile app development was simply focused on creating a functional experience in a short duration leaving "quality" behind for another day. But things have changed NOW. The app market has emerged to be highly competitive which is why creating an app that stands out requires a lot of attention to performance. 

Here are main five of the attributes your consumers will want from an app.


Performance is a key pillar of quality that mobile shops often overlook in their race to market. 60% of developers don’t make functionality a top priority when creating their apps, which is an absolute insane. Depended on the operating system, whether iOS or Android, you'll want to ensure that its functionality is comparable.

Great User Interfaces

Second most important factor to create successful apps is assuring a clean UI in which buttons and other elements are each to touch. While these devices are still relatively new, there are a number of experts who can help developers create interfaces that will work well on mobile devices.

Attractive Design

Mobile device users love designs that look great!
Since the screen size is limited on Smartphone’s, and even tablets are smaller than typical laptops, minimal amount of elements of the screen is preferable. Graphical elements that serve functional purpose are best suit; some 3-D elements might be able to improve your app's appearance.


Users have a preference for apps that let them share information anytime, anywhere. For instance, it can make apps a bit more fun to use meanwhile increasing the time users load your app. Interactivity as in like letting them share an online high-score table for games can make them more fun to play.

Cloud Accessibility

These days, buying both smart phones and tablets, and sharing information between devices has been notoriously difficult. Howbeit, users are demanding that their information be available on all of their devices. With the help of a large platform like Google, Twitter or Facebook, it is easy to secure user information, added there are a number of cloud providers too if you don't want to create your own data server.

Mobile competition shows no signs of slowing and that’s why companies like Openwave computing LLC, NYC keep offering a number of great resources. Following some simple guidelines can help them take advantage to create great apps than engage users and generate revenue. 

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