Tuesday, August 5, 2014

5 Quick Tips to Make an Android App Faster Smoother and More Responsive

We live in a generation where advertisers for applications need to work harder than ever to engage target consumers. Based on which, here are some tips on how to make your Android app faster, smoother and more responsive.

Make Your Android App Faster, Smoother and More Responsive

A smoothly operable interface is a major success factor for apps. While deftly concealing the limits of the technology, making the program responsive to the user is one of the major disciplines. Let’s see what all the factors that affects the speed and performance of an Android app.

·         With the amount of devices and quantity of versions releasing, Android fragmentation really has to be done- not the Android file system.
·         Loading your home screens with live wallpaper and widgets can really slow down your Android, especially an older device. Whereas, in case of having a newer Android mobile device, it is not the widgets but animated wallpaper that lags and mar the battery life despite being quite appealing.
·         Basically, Android does a stellar job in the process management which means there is no use of many task killer applications. You should definitely uninstall any uncooperative applications.
·         The responsiveness of an app plays a vital role. Given that there are tons of photo-shooting apps with a few effects and upload functions out there, why people choose popular apps like Instagram?
·         Android mobile device users who are still using an older version like Gingerbread can install a new browser to see an increase in performance.

Owing to which, the basic trick lies in optimizing the collaboration between development and design and that requires hiring a professional expert in app development. Do you need an Android app build for your business? Openwave Computing LLC offers many types of services in Android Application development that includes Business Applications, Navigation, Social Networking, Lifestyle and Entertainment apps, Multimedia, Education / Learning apps, GPS based applications, Utility Applications, Web Search.

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