Monday, August 11, 2014

How Lucrative is the Enterprise Mobile App Opportunity?

The scope of mobility has soared beyond expectations and businesses are back to square one trying to cope up with the shift. The rise to enterprise mobility 2.0 and businesses are looking beyond informational apps and games better platforms and the pervasiveness of mobility.

A recent study found that 16% of developers who are targeting enterprises are twice as likely to be earning over $5k per app per month. Broadly speaking,

Here is the Few Take-Away from the Survey

·         Building enterprise apps on the Apple iOS operating systems pays significantly more. Apple AAPL +0.28%’s iOS operating system is adopted by 98% of Fortune 500 companies earning over $25k per app per month compared to their Android counterparts.
·         Only 8% of the global developer community is occupied by the Enterprise IT developer segment. Even then they are the most lucrative to build applications for Product Extenders (8%), Digital Content Publishers (4%) and Gold Seekers (4%). Together, they represent 35% of global revenues and 25% of developers.
·         Majority of mobile app developers are focused on games with the most successful being able to quickly develop market and sell them across multiple channels including app stores.

Based on the report, it is clear that mobility has the potential to tap your target market and offer the best brand experience to your customers. However, with the right mobile solution reaching out to the market at the right time is the key to survive in this cut throat market. This way you can easily end up facing competition even in releasing your mobile app and not just with your products and services in the market. A sound enterprise mobile strategy is not enough but requires an effective mobile project management mechanism too.

Is your organization equipped to embrace enterprise mobility? Would you hire an app development partner? Now this is the First Step!

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